Brad Brewer Synchronize Your Wrist Hinge



Many golfers underestimate the importance the wrists play as a key source of power and precision in the fundamentally sound golf swing. When the wrists are inactive or overused the golf swing fails to maintain balance and fluid momentum. Two common faults are:

Brad Brewer
Over-rotated forearms











Brad Brewer
Over-rotated shoulders











You can allow your wrist action to work for you by understanding how best to synchronize the club, arms and body into a balanced flowing motion through the following three key elements:

 Brad Brewer

• Begin by reducing tension in your hands.

• Blend the club, hands, arms and shoulders at the onset of your swing.

• Swing back letting the club face get into a toe-up position, with handle pointing down about hip high.

Learn how you can do this with a short video clip! 

Click HERE to watch me demonstrate a simple drill that will create your best wrist action.



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