She Said


After getting rained out during episode five, I think it hurt the girls' momentum. It fired Andrew up. He thrived under the competition and changed things around for the guys!

As far as the playoff with Elena, she hit great golf shots. The putts just did not drop for her. Andrew had a big advantage being able to hit the green in two each time. This was simply a matter of time for him to make a birdie, and unfortunately for Elena, her birdie putt did not drop, and she got benched.

On to the next challenge. It was raining strikes! I got picked to play Andrew first, and basically, I gave him an early Christmas present by three-putting. There’s nothing else to be said on my part. I gave him the hole! He made an awesome par save, and I just didn't pull through to make my par. Sucks to lose like this, but that's golf!

Blair vs Brian: Plain and simple, solid golf from Blair. She makes par, and Brian manages to get so much in his own way that he cannot pull the trigger and hit good golf shots. His short game around the green killed him. He got in his own way and could not bounce back. Brian now has a strike!

Christina vs A-Rod: He hits a decent shot, pulls it left of the pin, and Christina, the competitor, stands up and throws a dart. She was all over it from the get go! A-rod has a pretty make-able chip, and this is where the mind games start. We all think about the Strike Eraser, and that gets in the way. He tries to hole it, and it rolls out to four or five feet. Christina makes par, and then A-Rod misses his short par putt. Something that we all would make with our eyes closed, but hey, this is why it's Big Break. These things happen. A-Rod now has a strike!

Lori vs Blake: All comes down to the short game! Both hit the green, and Blake is the one in danger. He already has a strike, and he has to at least tie to give himself a glimmer of hope. Once again, the demons of Big Break roll in, and Lori three-jacks and gives the hole to Blake.

Sara vs Football: This is simple off the tee. They do not hit good drives, but they both bounce back with great approach shots. Football's was incredible. He is playing great golf, and today was his time to shine! He makes birdie, and now Sara has a strike!

For this episode, it is raining strikes, and the girls have seemed to forgotten their umbrellas! I'm out, and the only players on our team without strikes are Blair and Christina. Going into today, I think the rain delay really worked toward the guys’ advantage, and we seemed to back down a little. I got careless around the greens, which caused me to be kicked off the show, and then the guys started rolling. Even though they got some strikes today, I really feel as though they have the upper hand going into next week's episode. The momentum has changed, and only time will tell who pulls through in the Battle of the Sexes!