She Said


When I got the call for Big Break Dominican Republic, I was at a different stage in my life compared to going into Big Break Prince Edward Island. I guess to sum it up, I fell in love. So golf, in a sense, had taken a back seat in my life. However, to say the desire to try and prove myself was still there is an understatement. Being a competitive person, this desire will always be there. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to try again on such a huge stage.

When I found out we were heading to DR, I was over the moon to say the least. The clothes I packed were a little different than PEI, but for me, getting a second chance was something that I could just not pass up. 

With that being said, we flew into the Atlanta airport, where I was surprised by my fellow competitors. We have such strong personalities, and only seeing six girls, I thought, “Wow, there has to be some guys on this show. Please bring back Brian!”

We arrived in the DR to what only can be described as a mini-paradise vacation home, and to our surprise, this is where we would be staying. Welcome Brenda!

Then we got to go to a pool party, where we would meet our fellow competitors and there the boys were. Hello Brian and “Football” from my previous show and some others that I had no idea about.

The show kicked off with the most amazing challenge in the world: breaking the glass. This has to be the most fun challenge on Big Break. I thrive on stuff like this, and what do you know, it was a race. JACKPOT! The girls went second in this challenge, and to be honest, it was not an advantage or disadvantage. We had no idea how long it took, but we knew it would be close. To say it was close is an understatement; try one second! At this point, I am royally annoyed!

So, we are down by one point, which is not a good thing! We go into the next challenge, where we split up and go head-to-head against other players. Well, to say that I sucked it up is just not enough words, but hey, let’s keep it clean! This stunk for me! I’m now the weakest link, which no one wants to be in a team challenge.

Now, onto the Benching Challenge. We play two holes head-to-head, and the dudes have a one-stroke advantage (because that’s so easy to make up after two holes. Umm, not so much!).

Anyway, this proves to be horrendous for me. I begin to realize that not playing competitive golf in a while is a huge disadvantage for me. So, I am benched and feel royally disappointed not only in that I have let my team down, but also in a way that I am the weakest link on the team. That’s just not much fun!

Well for me the first show was a bummer. But the beauty about this one is that I get to come back on the show. Now, I really want to try and prove myself. So, for right now, I will be a team player and cheer on my team!