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The Comebacker is saddened by the fact that Annika Sorenstam is stepping away from competitive golf. The Comebacker hopes she will return at a later date, but only if she wants to, not because we want her to.
With feedback on Annika and other issues; and without further ado:
Jerry writes: I am saddened to see such a positive influence on the game and women's tour in particular hang it up, but I respect her decision and wish her well. As you said, we have known now for some time her desire to start a family, and have seen her venture into areas other than tournament golf, so it isn't a shock that she is doing so as much as the timing. But that's what makes Annika so appealing to those of us who enjoy the game and the players who play for more than just the money and fame..Annika's first two U. S. Open wins were what captured me as a fan of hers for good. She has done nothing since to discourage my appreciation of her both as a golfer, and as a person. My only regret is that I have never been able to meet her personally. It remains one of the things I'd like to do before I die. I'm too old to have any romantic interests in her, and she is engaged to someone she obviously loves. That is not even on the radar screen for me, but I would love to have the chance to sit down and have a chat with her about golf and life in Sweden--another one of the things I'd like to do--go to Sweden.
The Comebacker
My sense is that there are a lot of people who would like to sit down and chat with Annika. So many fans. So little time.


Valerie writes: I was sorry to hear that Annika will be retiring at the end of this year. She has achieved and accomplished so much personally over the years in womens' golf and she will be sadly missed. The LPGA will NEVER be quite the same. She is a great AMBASSADOR for Ladies' Golf. Whatever the future brings to her, I wish her and Mike all the best. ANNIKA, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Comebacker
What? Only 20 exclamation points?


Art writes: Bravo for Sergio! He played well and he was funny and kind in his acceptance speech. His news conference was fun. He poked fun at himself and was able to take a shot at the media members without it being nasty. He seemed to be at peace after so many near misses in the past blamed on everything and everyone but himself. His winning is good for him and good for golf in general. He is an exciting player with flair who could be a great rival of Tiger if he can duplicate his effort of this past week going forward. I hope he can as it will make golf even more enjoyable to watch. El Nino came up big!
The Comebacker
By the way, anybody notice that Paul Goydos second-place check was more than a million bucks?


Mike writes: Let's not put the crown on Sergio's head just yet. It was a nice win, no doubt, but let's see if he can back it up with another win. I'm not even talking about another Major, I mean another win. It's very easy to be likeable when you win; the true test is how one behaves when they lose or when things don't go their way. Even in winning Sergio felt compelled to take 'shots' at the media for criticizing his play. He needs to get over it, and realize that if he plays to his potential and stops blaming everyone and everything but himself for his failures the press will leave him alone.
The Comebacker
Yikes, pretty harsh for a guy who just won a big championship. Some of the criticism, however, is deserved.


Jeff writes: Golf is a crazy game - if Sergio misses the putt on 18 it would have been hard not to say he hadn't conquered his putting problems. What a difference in our minds and his that one putt made.
The Comebacker
Just ask Scott Hoch about the difference one putt makes.


Lon writes: Sergio's win has nothing to do with Stan solving his putting problems. It does, however, have to do with a reaffirmation of what we, the real golfing GC-ers already know, that SERG IS PERHAPS THE GREATEST OF ALL BALL STRIKERS ON TOUR TODAY...OR ANY DAY FOR THAT MATTER
The Comebacker
El Nino has a ways to go before he catches up to Hogan in the ball-striking department.

Wade writes: Do you think that by putting the pins on the edges of greens that the tour, in effect, is making things more boring or predictable by eliminating options? If the pin is on the left edge of the green next to a bunker, it would seem to me that the options for playing the shot are greatly reduced. Zzzzzzz...
The Comebacker
Good point. The Masters is now guilty of this as well in too many instances.


David writes: With all of the talk about The PLAYERS being the fifth major, my thoughts once again return to the past. I have read many times about how, during Mr. Nelson's, Palmer's and Nicklaus's time, the fifth major was without question the Canadian Open. This tournament was held in very high regard by all the players on tour, and Mr. Nicklaus has lamented about his seven second place finishes on more than one occasion.
The Comebacker
There are four majors. No more. No less.


Lameck writes: I want to suggest a different name for those treacherous holes at the TPC Sawgrass. The mystique of not knowing whether you will find your ball or not or the gusty winds that might creep in after a calm three days the myth of survival like walking in a known and unknown territory. It is that mystique to call it a Bermuda triangle where your lead can disappear.
The Comebacker
Frankly, Im fine with calling them the 16th, 17th and 18th holes at TPC Sawgrass. Golf people know what that means.


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