Bits and Tiger Pieces


Nick Faldo likes to talk about tinkering with his game as working on all the bits and pieces. A little bunker practice here; a little chipping there; a few drills mixed in with a putting gadget and a visit to the equipment truck; and before you know it Thursday has arrived.
And it occurred to me that November in professional golf is a kind of mixed bag of bits and pieces. Youve got shootouts and Cups and 54-hole events and tournaments with smaller fields.
Youve got players chasing contractual rainbows to all corners of the globe. And youve got local people in those outposts sometimes describing this for the first time.
Bits of a piece caught my eye recently that appeared in The Chosun Ilbo, a publication out of South Korea. It described Woods visit there last week for a one-day skins game with Colin Montgomerie, Se Ri Pak and K.J. Choi.
A few snippets:
Woods was in his jeans and shirt when he got out of his Gulf Stream IV personal plane Friday night. The official offered to carry his bags but he declined with great civility..He separated his things like clothes on his own, placing them into plastic bags. One bag was for tournament use, and the other for everyday use. Of course, he took care of his laundry himself, too, sorting it out himself and leaving it with the hotel.
.An official from IMG, the sports marketing company in charge of Woods visit, tried to explain to him about the time lag so that he could call his wife. He answered, Ive already calculated it. I will call her at the right time. Woods was more than impressed when he saw the hotel had inscribed his and his wifes name on the bed sheets.
..After the (press) conference he went back to his room and had a T-bone steak and broccoli. Eat well to play well is his motto. Woods said he loved broccoli.
.After finishing the ninth hole, he saw two rocks in front of the Raon GC clubhouse; one shaped like a penis entering the other, a circular-shaped one. When one of his companions joked that touching the rock would allow newlywed husbands to produce many children, he smiled bashfully.
.Woods showed great interest in the Korean golf situation, asking officials questions every chance he got.
.Woods departed windy Jeju Island, leaving behind warm feelings.
The headline on the story in The Chosun Ilbo was Three Days in Jeju with a Modest Golf King. And by the time I finished reading the article, I felt like I had learned more new about Woods in approximately 500 words than I had in the last five years.
This is a man who spent a lot of money for a yacht and then named it Privacy. This is a man whose current swing coach, Hank Haney, wont talk publicly about the changes made to Woods game. And Woods is perfectly, understandably and well within his rights on all of this.
Woods is a kind of king even though he is, at the moment, exiled from the top spot in the world golf rankings. People are always interested in bits and pieces about kings.
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