Blowin In the Wind


Monday morning thoughts while riding out a hurricane in Florida:
  • I once played golf in a hurricane. Didnt know it was a hurricane at the time. It happened at Killarney Lakes in Ireland. Never knew they had hurricanes in that country. First hole, short par 4: Hit a nice little draw three-wood off the tee. When the golf ball got past the protective tree line and into the wind, it took an abrupt 90 degree left turn. This is still the most astonishing thing Ive ever seen on a golf course. Im told the Irish at Killarney still talk about the three crazy Americans that went out in the storm that day. We stopped after nine.
  • Sam Snead always said: When its breezy, swing easyEasy for Sam to say.
  • Has there ever been a golfer of note named Wilma? None that I can think of. Wilma Rudolph ran like the wind for the USA at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. But probably the best known Wilma was Wilma Flintstone. And that was all the way back in the Stone Age. Before Shotlink.
  • The best wind player of all time: For my money it was Tom Watson who won five Open Championships in less than 10 years. The wins started coming across the pond when Watson realized that the game was on the ground over there. He embraced the concept and the Claret Jug embraced him.
  • One of the hardest shots in golf, if not the hardest, is 50-yards downwind to a front pin on an elevated green.
  • Meanwhile back on the PGA Tour: Maybe the angst in American golf will abate now that Lucas Glover, 25, has joined Sean OHair, 23, and Ben Crane, 29, in the victory circle in 2005. For quite some time now there has been gnashing of the teeth and pulling out of the hair over the fact that nobody has stepped in to fill the vacuum left by the meteoric ascent of Tiger Woods.
  • With due respect to Glover, OHair and Crane, the most wins from a player younger than Tiger, in the next 10 years, will come from Ryan Moore.
  • Tom Pernice Jr. rolled his rock at the Funai Classic. He needed just 95 putts for 72 holes. He needed just 19 putts in his third round, only eight on the back nine. That latter number was two short of the PGA Tour record. Yes, folks, Stan Utley once played nine holes on the PGA Tour in six putts.
  • Finally, dont be surprised if the Tour goes to China for an official event when the new schedule, beginning in 2007, is announced.
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