The Comebackees are Angry


The Comebacker is not sure what to think of the Comebackees. Many of you are angry that you didnt know more from Tiger Woods about his injury before he won the U.S. Open. One or two others are angry at GOLF CHANNEL announcer Frank Nobilo, who said on the air that Tiger owed us an explanation prior to the Wednesday announcement last week that he had been playing with a double stress fracture in his left leg.
I know first hand that Nobilo thinks before he speaks. And his sentiment about wanting to know more about Woods injuries was the voice of reason.
Anyhow, Woods remains the story of the year in golf. So, without further ado:
David writes: Everybody thinks that Tiger is such a wonder, but I'll tell you something I can do what Tiger can't do: I can play a round of golf without cursing. I can't believe that the PGA TOUR just lets him get away with this. I thought golf was a gentleman's game. Bobby Jones would I hope be appalled. Johnny Miller is the only guy to call Tiger on this..Tiger is no role model or even someone to look up to. He is a spoiled brat who also is the world's best golfer. Which is more important, character or skill?
The Comebacker
David, you are entitled to your opinion. Let me just say this, if I was playing a U.S. Open with a double stress fracture, I might let a bad word slip once in a while, too.
Bryce writes: No wonder the U.S. Ryder Cup team cannot win this event. Cink wins his first tournament in four years, yet is ranked 6th in the world! These kinds of numbers accord with his losing record in the Ryder Cup and why he has never been part of a winning team. He may be very wealthy and highly ranked, but he does not strike fear into anyone and does not, in my view, deserve the lofty status of No. 6 in the world.
The Comebacker
Another good guy wins a tournament and gets ripped. Tough crowd.

David writes: Win or not, Stewart Cink is a class act and a worthy role model for young people. I attended a one-hour talk and demonstration by him at the Palmetto Dunes resort in Hilton Head before the Verizon Heritage tournament. He is a very articulate individual who should attract numerous corporate sponsors. And Id like to see more of him on your channel
The Comebacker
Two sides to every story.

Art writes: The Ryder Cup should be easy this year for our guys. They havent won WITH Tiger so theres no added pressure of winning without him. It cant get any worse so just go out and play.
The Comebacker
Actually the Americans did win a Ryder Cup with Tiger'1999 Brookline. But thats one out of five for Tiger. We might have expected more from him AND his teammates.
Salve writes: I think Frank Nobilo should apologize to Tiger Woods and The Golf Channel viewing public for his remarks pre/during/post U.S Open telecast. His insinuation that Tiger grimaced all for show. During the Post Game show, he said Golf is about honesty and Tiger should come clean about his knee. Well, Tiger is all about class and he said during his announcement that he wants the U.S Open to be the topic of conversation and not about his knee, thus he did not tell the media about the extent of his knees problem..Nobilo should be reminded that he owes his job to Tiger Woods..
The Comebacker
Beg strongly to differ here. Nobilo is all about class. I know first hand. To suggest he owes his job to Tiger is just downright ignorant.
Marge writes: As I sat and watched the U.S. Open on Sunday and Monday with my children who are nine and 12 running in and out of the room, I couldn't help but notice the difference in the demeanor of Tiger and Rocco. Tiger Woods is undeniably the top player in golf of this era, but he could learn a few lessons from Rocco on how to conduct himself on the course. While Tiger threw clubs and used inappropriate language after poorly hit shots, Rocco's calm reaction to his poorly hit shots shows that he is a true champion. While my kids might look up to Tiger for his successful record on the course - Rocco is a by far the better role model for this next generation.
The Comebacker
Should we call Roccos fans The Mediators, The Roccettes or the Intermediaries?

Skip writes: What accomplishments would another golfer have to add to their current season to win out as Player of the Year over a shortened four-out-of-six-wins season and a U.S. Open included to beat out Tiger Woods as 2008 Player of the Year?
The Comebacker
If Trevor Immelman wins two more majors and the FedExCup, he might get a few votes from, his peers.
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