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Next week we are going to kick off, in this space, at the same time every week, a new feature that will allow you, the reader, to take your best shot.
You can fire at me. You can fire at Tiger, Phil, Rory, Michelle or anybody else. You can also write about how great I am or they are. You can comment on your fellow e-mailers.
What I will then do, on a weekly basis, is pick what I believe to be the five or 10 most compelling e-mails I receive and re-print them (followed by my reaction) in this column.
We have named this weekly feature The Comebacker.
The readers have a chance to come back at my columns or anything else compelling in golf upon which they want to comment. And I will come back on their comebacks.
I will compliment the comebacks I like. And I will deconstruct the ones I dont. I will not re-print obscenities, sexist or racist material or anything else I deem inappropriate for this forum. I will be the final arbiter on what is proper and not proper.
But I encourage you to be edgy. Those of you who have been regular e-mailers to me in the five years I have been writing columns for this Web site dont need any encouragement.
In short, bring it on.
To reach me via e-mail just click on the link at the end of my columns on this site or address your e-mails to
One of the best parts about writing three columns a week on, by the way, is the e-mail.
I get lots of it. Some of it is funny. Some of it is sad. Some of it is amazingly insightful. Some of it is ignorant and even mean-spirited.
When I supported Sports Illustrated writer Michael Bamberger a couple of years ago for reporting Michelle Wies infamous illegal drop, I got more than 3,000 e-mails. The majority of them thought it was Bamberger and me who were ignorant. And many of them were mean-spirited.
It never ceases to amaze me when I write about Tiger Woods, which is often, how many readers insist I hold a grudge against Tiger. Those numbers are usually offset by the e-mailers who are convinced I am on Woods payroll.
(Note: Everybody in golf: Players, media, equipment manufacturers etc. are indirectly on Woods payroll because of how much more exposure his popularity has brought to golf.)
But part of my job is to criticize Woods when I believe he deserves it and to praise him when I think he deserves it. Same goes for everybody else about whom I write.
So sharpen your wits. Let me know whats on your mind. Starting next Friday, Jan. 11 The Comebacker is coming to
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