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This is the maiden voyage for The Comebacker which will be posted every Friday in this space. If you have been paying even a little bit of attention, you already know there is no shortage of issues this week.
Before we tackle them, just another reminder of what The Comebacker is. Each week I will re-print the most compelling e-mails I have received. I will then comment on them which makes me The Comebacker.
Without further ado:
David writes: Brian, Im writing you to express my support for Kelly Tilghmans recent comments regarding Tiger Woods. Anyone who knows her, or has heard her on the air, could easily realize that she is not the type of person to make malicious comments. I respect your judgment and objectivity on issues and felt it appropriate to convey my comments to you. I hope you will pass along my offer of support to her. Its unfortunate that she probably feels bad when she has no reason to.
The Comebacker Kelly has a reason to feel bad, mostly because words came out of her mouth that dont represent the person she is. I know this because I worked with her on a regular basis for a years worth of 'Sprint' shows at GOLF CHANNEL. Kelly has apologized to Tiger and he has accepted. The poet Alexander Pope said it best: To err is human. To forgive is divine. I respect Al Sharptons vigilance when it comes to taking racism to task. I just believe if he thinks making an example out of Kelly Tilghman is the right thing to do, he has picked the wrong target. The Kelly Tilghman I know doesnt have a racist bone in her body. Last point: GOLF CHANNEL is taking a lot of heat for suspending Kelly for two weeks. I think the action shows GOLF CHANNEL understands that hurtful comments, even when inadvertent, need to be accounted for at the end of the day. Meanwhile, the time has come to move on from this.
Hector writes: The media continues to overplay Rory against Tiger in order to stir the pot. The best response stems from Woody Austin. 'If Tiger hits his head with a club he is soooooooooooooooooo competitive while I am viewed as somewhat goofy.' Rory mentions he thinks Tiger is beatable and the media goes nuts. If Rory does not say anything, he becomes another doomed and afraid PGA TOUR player of Tiger. In short, Rory and Tiger is like discussing religion. Youre not going to win or lose!!!!!
The Comebacker If Tiger hits his head with a club, that club becomes a valuable commodity on E-Bay. And actually, it is golf that wins when discussing Rory and Tiger. Its called free publicity.
Roger writes: Brian, How are things? This is Roger Federer. While it hasnt started yet, Im sure that somewhere over the course of 2008, the debate between the careers of my good buddy Tiger and myself will begin. I just want to start off 2008 correctly by stating that once and for all, Tiger Woods is by far the superior athlete
The Comebacker Yeah, but can Tiger hit a high-kicking, American Twist, up the middle, to the backhand, second-serve winner at love-40 triple match point in the finals of the French Open at Roland Garros against Rafael Nadal?
Jim writes 'Woods and Mickelson think they are larger than the game, and I, and most of my friends, are sick of hearing these wimps site exhaustion for not playing. At least be a man and give the real reason i.e. I dont care.'
The Comebacker Jim, youre going to have to trust me on this: Tiger cares. So does Phil.
Skip writes: 'At some point when the compulsive urge to be a moron overrides the present mindset of Im not talking, he (Sabbatini) will, in no particular order of importance:
Slam Tiger and his influence at Nike Golf.
Slam Nike Golf for their equipment, personnel, facilities, etc.
Blame Tiger for influencing decisions about the Ryder/Presidents Cup.
Hellhe is such an idiot.he may go after Arnie or Jack for some perceived slightwho knowsmaybe the clubhouse attendant at Bay Hill gave Tiger extra pickles with his cheeseburger last year. The guy (Sabbatini) needs to grow up, this whole..he stands up to Tiger thing .is a crock!!!! He is an immature, rude, self-serving jerk.'
The Comebacker Yikes, more Rory complaints. Theres a surprise. Skip, I like your bile, if not your style. Thats what The Comebacker column is all about. Meanwhile, my sources tell me only Palmer gets extra pickles with his cheeseburger at Bay Hill. And I beg to differ on at least one other of your points: For better or worse, Rory Sabbatini is unafraid to stand up to Tiger Woods.
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