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So far so good. The Comebacker returns intact for its second week. Keep those e-mails coming. Keep them compelling. Dont be afraid to be edgy. And dont assume your e-mails need to be in direct response to a subject Ive addressed in one of my columns. If somethings on your mind and it hasnt surfaced on our Web site, dont worry. Fire off an e-mail.
I received more than 900 e-mails last week. An overwhelming majority dealt with the subject of Kelly Tilghman. Unless you were on Mars last week, you know the details. They dont need repeating here. Last week I said it was time to move on. But not acknowledging that kind of e-mail volume would be like ignoring the elephant in the room.
The Comebacker has chosen one Tilghman-related e-mail to reprint in this space this week. It was the one that forced me to think the most. The rest of this weeks choices are on other subjects.
Without further ado:
Neville writes: (through me) to Kelly Tilghman: For your entire life you have tried to be a good person and now you are being skewered for one unfortunate remark. I have noted and admired your career on the Golf Channel these many years and sincerely hope that this episode will not derail the career for which you have worked so hard..I am a black Jamaican, living in Jamaica. I have done graduate studies in your country so I have some slight appreciation of your country.
As great as it is, America has not achieved its fullest potential, partly because of its obsession with race and its obsession to categorize people, in almost every instance, according to race. We have had slavery here in Jamaica, but we have long passed the tensions that exist over there. Yes, there are great social and economic problems here. Too much crime also.
Yet had you made similar remarks here, you would have probably been criticized only for the violence suggested and not because of the race of the person to whom they were directedThere will be many who will try to inflame the situation. But, please dont become bitter. Dont become them. Continue to reach out to all, without reservation, and trust in the better aspects of the human race. Again, my very best wishes for the future and dont lose your sense of humour.
The Comebacker This perspective from someone who grew up outside our country and outside of our society, at the least, gives pause.
Ken writes: Recent study found the average golfer walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found golfers drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means, on average, golfers get about 41 miles to the gallon. Kind of makes you proud.
The Comebacker To paraphrase Emerson: A fuelish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.
Ray writes: .I agree that Bobby Jones may have been a good golfer during his time, but Tiger Woods, the golfing phenomenon, is way beyond that. If I were asked to make a comparison between the two men, I would classify Jones as an honors high school graduate, but I would have to classify Tiger as a cum laude university graduate with multiple Masters Degrees. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Jones a 7.5 for his slam, but award Tiger a 10+ for his.
The Comebacker The reason Tiger is the best player who ever lived (and any honest TOUR player will tell you this) is because on his best day no one who ever lived could beat him and on his best week nobody who ever lived could beat him. Jack Nicklaus still has the best record of anybody who ever lived. But that will no longer be the case when Woods, almost certainly before his 40th birthday, passes Jack in the professional major championship count. Woods currently has 13. Nicklaus won 18.
Mary writes: Rory (Sabbatini) is immature. He does not always make sure his brain is in gear before he starts running his mouth. However, when I saw him with his skull belt buckle I thought he had really lost it. Of course I am a dinosaur myself, being past 65; I find his dress and behavior really off base.
The Comebacker Rory was wearing a dress?
Rob writes:: Is the PGA playing it safe by waiting six months to start drug testing?..Are they giving some players time to dry out??????? Also, I note that I am taking three Prescribed Medications that are on the banned list. These are prescribed drugs for Health conditions. Am I a cheater????? ..At 65, I think it would take a lot more than a couple Prescription Drugs to improve my game.
The Comebacker 65? Hmmmmm..Rob, have you met Mary yet? ... Seriously, I doubt the TOUR had a drying out period in mind when it set the date. But if there are any players using substances they shouldnt, and I say IF, they would do well to take advantage of the head start.
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