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2008 US Open 81x90BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. ' The Comebacker is ensconced here at the years final major. Otherwise known as the 90th PGA Championship. Otherwise known as Glorys Last Shot.
Without further ado:

Dave writes: Regarding the PGA in my neck of the woods at Oakland Hills, I think its time for the Euro drought to end. Harrington has a great chance to win this tournament. I hope he does. Don't laugh, but Ian Poulter I have a feeling, will play very well. The crazy thought of the week is Darren Clarke playing VERY well. Its time for him to start getting things going. I thought Anthony Kim could win but I have played the South Course and those greens require precision and am not sure he has the touch. Phil won't win since he can't handle hitting fairways. Daly should just stay home if he's gonna shoot a pair of 82's. Finally Vijay.his putter isn't going to work at Oakland Hills.
The ComebackerOpinions are like elbows. Everybodys got two of them. But I like your thoughts about Darren Clarke. Clarke would be thrilled to be a captains pick on the Ryder Cup team and he just shot 65-67 on the weekend at Bridgestone last week.

John writes: Tiger is very sadly missed and it was painful to watch the last nine of this tournament without him ' kudos to Vijay for good solid ball striking ' and persevering in spite of putting woes which do tend to come with his age ' but what can you say about the Phil sideshow? It is about time that we all looked at Phil and decided that the emperor has no clothes and stopped being afraid to say so.
The ComebackerActually I think Phil has plenty of clothes. More importantly, he has plenty of game. He would be my pick this week if I was convinced, despite Butch Harmons estimable opinion to the contrary, that Mickelson had weeded the high-left miss off the tee with his driver.

Nunzio writes: Michelle Wie hasn't won anything since turning pro. If she can't win on the LPGA, what makes her think she can win on the PGA.
The Comebacker Another precinct heard from.

Kevin writes: The WGC event at Firestone was one of least compelling events I have watched this year. What is with the opposite field events for the best of the rest? Surely sponsors cant be that desperate. But we know they are when they keep inviting Michelle Wie. ... The ladies British Open was the best golf over the weekend. ...The U.S. Senior Open was surprisingly without drama. It was nice to see Cabrera win, but with no one challenging him, I soon lost interest. There just seems to be a total lack of charisma without Tiger Woods in the field. Vijay was hanging on for dear life and Phil cant play unless he has Dave Pelz analyzing every shot and has Butch Harmon heckling everyone else. If Phil had one iota of course management, with his ability he would run away from the field. Dont you think that it is time for Butch to stop trying to horn in on the limelight? ...One last thing, what is with the Olympics and golf? Our great game has no business in the Olympics. I can just see golfs version of ski jumpings Eddie the Eagle. Can you imagine Tiger teeing it up with someone from some have not country who cant break 100?
The Comebacker Why dont you tell us what you really think, Kev. Couple of things here: First of all it was Romero, not Cabrera at the Senior Open. Second, I must have missed Butch Harmon heckling people and horning in. Anybody fortunate enough to get some of Butchs time ought to thank their lucky golf stars. Third, Im not convinced Tiger will play in the Olympics if the IOC ever lets golf into the Games.

Chuck writes: My friends laugh at me because I like to split my hi-def screen between the PGA TOUR and NASCAR on Sunday afternoons. This weekend I showed my buddies that I watch both for the same reason. To see the big crash at the end. Thank you, Phil Mickelson. He seems to never fail me. Just about every Sunday he's great until late in the race, when he starts to try to prove that he's great by trying to lap the field with his driver. Most often, he smashes into the wall at the third turn and limps home, an also ran. This week he crashed in front of Veej, who sputtered home for the win, despite a golf game that was coughing like a kid on Camels.
The Comebacker Nice metaphor, Chuckster. Hadnt heard the one about the kid on Camels before. Not bad.

Greg writes: Vijay is my favorite player. Even with missing those short putts he still wins; think if he gets it together! I still think he is No. 2 behind Tiger. Dont count him out. Tom Lehman was my favorite and I thought he should have won at Oakland Hills when the U.S. Open was there (1996). One or two bad breaks on a par 5 and the final hole or he would have won, dont count him out as dark horse. Michelle Wie needs a good caddie and she will win soon. If she signs her card two weeks ago, she probably goes on to win on the LPGA and would have played in the major. I think she needs direction and all will come together.
The ComebackerIf Vijay has a great putting week at Oakland Hills, he will win going away. But thats a big, big if.

Steve writes: You are the real bogey man whose only limelight is trashing really good players.
The Comebacker No, I am The Comebacker.

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