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Phil and Tiger are back. Torrey Pines South, the site of Junes U.S. Open, is on display this week at the Buick Invitational. And The Comebacker dives into the third week of its existence. Keep those e-mails coming.
Meanwhile, the debate continues to rage on whether Tiger Woods is the best player of all time.
Brian writes: I dont know whether Tiger would beat Bobby (or Jack for that matter) on their best days. But it is nice to think about on a cold January day. I have a feeling that if you put Trevino in there for one day with $1,000 on it, Lee would come away with the money.
The Comebacker Trevino. In a money match. On a windy day. At a hardpan muni. Playing for his own dough. On the best day of his life ... Id pay good money to watch him against Tiger.

Jim writes: Wait a minute. You cant be serious or are you merely confused? What a bunch of complete, total, unadulterated bull flatulence!.....Playing with the equipment of their day I can name quite a few who couldve handled Tiger: Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, Tommy Armour, Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, to name only a few.
The Comebacker Only a few?

Ken writes: The foolish consistency quote is from Emerson, not Thoreau. I wrote you about this a few years ago when you made the same error on the air. Please dont make me invoke my three strikes rule.
The Comebacker My bad. I attributed the a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds quote to the wrong philosopher last week. I must have forgotten to take my transcendental medication that day.

Lawrence writes: Good for Martin Kaymer and D. J. Trahan. And then, Justin Leonard, after collapsing for all to see, showing up for after-round interview. All of it absolutely first class and refreshing.
The Comebacker Especially, Leonard. A long time ago an editor told me you can learn more from athletes in defeat than you can in victory. Leonard made a mess of the final nine last Sunday at the Hope. But he took his lumps with the media afterward. Too few players have that much grace.

Bob writes: I watch the Golf Channel a lot. I have just two complaints along with a lot of 'atta boys.' Complaint #1: You re-run shows too much. Although you are much better than say five years ago. Complaint #2: Way too many commercial interruptions. I used to hate watching Thurs-Fri golf coverage on USA for that very reason and ended up taping everything. P.S.: If you ever want to introduce a new segment to part of your lineup of shows, I am your man. I am 63, an 8-handicapper and could perhaps bring a fresh perspective from the amateur bullpen.
The Comebacker Perhaps ... Meanwhile, Im still waiting for your atta boys.

James writes: Why dont pro golfers with bad or suspect backs use a suction cup on the end of their putters to retrieve the ball from the hole? It sure works for us seniors at the muni.
The Comebacker This is a can of worms. If suction cup ball retrievers ever caught on in professional golf, it would be just a matter of time before someone would get caught using a non-conforming one. The USGA would have to step in. And ... well ... never mind.

Wayne writes: The following example is about one of a hundred I could list for changing the World Golf Ranking. Martin Kaymer wins a European Tour event, a good one, but not a top event. It places him fifth on the Order of Merit. He jumps from 76th to 34th in the ranking. Daniel Chopra wins the first full field event on the PGA TOUR. It places him first on our money list, ahead of several players who played both events in Hawaii. He goes from 60th to 61st in the ranking. The difference in these two players ranking has a dramatic effect on whether or not they qualify for the Majors, WGC (Match Play coming up) and invitationals. Changes need to be made by the idiots who try to justify how they rank the players.
The Comebacker I once called a computer an idiot and it told me to go control-alt-delete. By the way, Chopras win at the Mercedes-Benz Championship was not a full-field event.
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