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San Diego--The Comebacker comes to you live this week from Torrey Pines South looking down from the seaside cliffs to the Pacific Ocean. By Sunday we should have a new national champion'Im not counting on Angel Cabrera to repeat. The E-mailers are also still focused on Lorena and Annika and clichs.
Lets start with a missive from a U.S. Open reader. Without further ado:
Terence writes: Entertaining insight into the USGA pairings .....however, looking a little deeper there may more messages in the pairings than the cute and obvious you John Feinstein has noted in his writings, personality and temperament types have also been paired in addition to inside knowledge issues known only those who are now chuckling to's an interesting topic of conversation and thanks for participating....
The Comebacker
Glad to further the dialogue. My favorite Thursday-Friday grouping here remains: Katayama-Weekley-Jimenez. The rules official might have been advised to take Berlitz tune-ups in Japanese, Spanish and Country.
Don writes: I just read your Inside the Ropes comments from last week. It struck me because I actually know two of the four subjects you wrote of personally. So I felt compelled to drop you a personal observation on the two people. Kenny Perry was a friend of mine from college days. His (future) wife was actually was of my close friends at Lipscomb, even though Kenny was in school at Western Kentucky. Since I was a golfer also ' and dating her roommate ' we shared common interests. What I really wanted to tell you, however, is that Kenny is truly the good person the media talks about. I am quite confident that besides playing in the Ryder Cup, the one great career goal he still has is to win a major. So for him to skip the Open qualifying means that in his heart of hearts he knows he realistically did not have a chance to win the Open...Ollie Schniederjans (the 14 year old from Powder Springs, GA) I know even better. Thank you for writing about Ollie. He and my son played baseball together for four years..Ollie is a tenacious competitor so I expect you will hear of him in the future. Some players at this age never get better and some just burn themselves out ' so you never know. My guess is Ollie is steady enough to keep rising through the ranks. Hes a good kid ' it would be impossible not to pull for him.
The Comebacker
Somebody, some day will unseat Tiger Woods as the No. 1 ranked player in the world. We might have to wait 10 years. And it could be Ollie Schniederjans or somebody his age right now. Schniederjans advanced to U.S. Open Sectional qualifying earlier this year.
Lauri writes:: I've been really good about not asking bothering questions but since this came up in passing and my husband asked me: How do they choose who plays at what time for the starting tee times? I keep reading and the only thing I saw was a article about some person talking about how they should put Mickelson & Woods in the same group.....but I think this was about Medinah not Torrey Pines.
The Comebacker
The PGA TOUR uses a computer to determine its pairings. The USGA does whatever it pleases. Phil and Tiger were grouped the first two rounds along with Geoff Ogilvy at the 2006 PGA Championship at Medinah. Ogilvy had the low score those first two days. Woods won the tournament.
Art writes: Annika put on a ball striking clinic (at LPGA McDonalds), but her putting is simply not up to par. She is a good medium length and lag putter, but from the throw up zone she is below average. She did not even hit the hole on a couple of 5-footers. I have often wondered why the top PGA players have a far better short game than the LPGA players since strength is not a factor. If Annika was not retiring, I think she should consult Stan Utley, Dave Pelz or Dave Stockton on her putting. In spite of my criticism, I am a HUGE Annika fan. She should have won the tournament easily.
The Comebacker
Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Lorena Ochoa is probably feeling the same way right now.
William writes: We were asked to email our thoughts about tough conditions on tour. Well, I like it TOUGH. The players whine that the fans want to see a lot of birdies, when it is really the players that want it. I like it when even par has a chance.
The Comebacker
Then youve come to the right place at the right time. This is U.S. Open week, boys and girls. Strap on your helmets.
David writes: In my opinion, far and away, my favorite announcer comment was (many different times) from Bob Rosburg when he would describe an upcoming shot and say that the player had no way he could execute the shot from this situation and then the player would hit a tremendous shot and make birdie or save par.
The Comebacker
Rossie was the exception that proved the rule. Dave: Rossie, whats he got? Rossie: Dave, he has no shot. Bob Rosburg is the patron saint of on course golf reporters. And he never sugar-coated.
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