Darren Clarkes Perspective


Darren Clarke has a lot on his mind. We know that. His wife is fighting the tough fight against cancer back home in Europe. And, on a professional but much less important level, Clarke will be fighting in Houston this week to overcome the unsightly 76 he posted Sunday at Hilton Head that cost him the MCI Heritage.
Im not sure how he does it, but Clarke manages to keep everything in perspective. After the final round at Harbour Town he refused to dodge reporters questions and took his medicine like a man.
Peter Lonard and Darren Clarke
Darren Clarke didn't run and hide after his loss at th MCI Heritage.
Then he went on his own web site www.darrenclarke.com and answered more questions. How much do you think he was looking forward to THAT?
Question No. 1 from Edward Millis asked: I am watching you drop your cigar on the grass at Harbour Town then place it in your mouth. Are you not aware of the massive use of pesticide and chemical fertilizer that is used on American golf courses that you run the risk of ingesting from the cigar?
Clarkes Reply: Hi Edward, when I finished that round on Sunday I was looking for as many insecticides as I could find or alternatively I thought slitting my wrist was a probability and neither prevailed! I shall be back at Houston this week, throwing my cigar on the ground and chewing what ever comes with it! All the best, Darren.
Then a chap called Gordon Black wanted to know: What did you do on the Sunday, after the end of the MCI Heritage?
Hi Gordon, Clarke wrote back politely, I had a drink and a chat with Peter Lonard who won and then went off to The Quarterdeck Bar and had a good few drinks with my caddie, Billy and Martin Hardy, the press man. All the best, Darren.
Barry Bonds, are you paying attention to any of this?
Finally a woman named Debbie Hill asked this: I heard a rumour that you may be joining Ronan Keating on part of his walk of Ireland in May, is this true?
Clarke: Dear Debbie, this is a possibility although this is the first I have known about it! I shall check with Ronan when the dates are and see if its possible'although Im not sure he could keep up with me! Cheers, Darren.
Cheers, indeed.
Once upon a time Darren Clarke was a dark, brooding young man from Northern Ireland who barely tolerated his own mistakes on the golf course and, worse, took them home and chewed on them at night.
Now he chews on cigars, drinks fine wines, wears loud and expensive pants, cultivates a soul patch and shows everybody else every day of the week how to enjoy life.
These are not the easiest times for Darren Clarke. The sports world is lucky to have him. Simple as that.
If Clarke ever wins a major championship, he has it in his contract with Donnay International that they must pay him more than two million dollars.
If Clarke ever wins a major championship, it will be worth a lot more than that to the game of golf.
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