Day 6 Wie Worst of the Worst


Editor's note; In the holiday spirit, the Team is counting down the 12 Days of Golf, the most memorable days of the 2007 season. This is Day 6
Day 6On Thursday, May 31, Michelle Wie played the first 16 holes of the Ginn Tribute in 14 over par. This put her in danger of failing to break 88 for 18 holes. That would have made her ineligible, as a non-member, to play in any LPGA events the rest of the year.
After a quick consultation with her agent, Greg Nared, who would resign that position before the end of the year, Wie withdrew, citing wrist pain.
Michelle Wie
An injured wrist was just one of Michelle Wie's concerns in 2007. (Getty Images)
Eyebrows were raised all over the world of golf. They were raised even more when, two days later, Wie showed up on site at Bulle Rock for a practice session in advance of the next weeks McDonalds LPGA Championship.
Annika Sorenstam, among others, criticized Wie for being disrespectful to the Ginn event. Wie responded by saying she had nothing for which to apologize.
And yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda.
The year 2007 was not a good one for Michelle Wie, who as recently as 2006 was top fiving with regularity in LPGA majors. In 2007 Wie missed the cut by 14 shots at the Sony Open on the PGA TOUR. She withdrew from the John Deere Classic and didnt play in a mens event the rest of the year.
On the womens side she missed three cuts and withdrew twice in eight events. She played 367 LPGA holes in 110 over par.
But just in case Michelle Wies parents and agents are thinking, right about now, how much fun theyre going to have saying, I told you so, one day, they can think again.
Yes, Michelles game is dormant at the moment. The hype has disappeared. And it feels as if most of the people who heralded such a big future for such a young girl have written her off as a cautionary tale.
I havent.
She has way too much talent and there are way too few flaws in the mechanics of a swing that made me gasp the first time I saw it.
I will be surprised if Michelle Wie doesnt one day rejoin the team photo album of candidates for near-term female golf supremacy currently filled with snapshots of Ochoa, Creamer, Pressel, Pettersen and Gulbis.
Annika? Shes already reserved her own wing in the World Golf Hall of Fame.
But the Wie camp, an easy target these days, will have to save its I Told You Sos for someone else. Michelle Wies day will come despite all the bad results all the good intentions of her handlers have produced.
When Nared left team Wie in October he told GOLF CHANNEL Michelle was a great kid. But, said a source, everybody in the business knows the deal. Its just very hard for her parents to accept advice.
The hope, for anybody who roots for young people to overcome problems not all of their own making, is that Wie will be allowed to let the wrist injuries completely heal. She is currently a third of the way through her freshman year at Stanford University. And being out of the spotlight right now is not such a bad thing.
But her parents followed her to Stanford from the familys Hawaii home and lived, at least for a while, in a rented house virtually across the street from the school. Helicopter parents, one annoyed Stanford official called them.
The hope here is that 2008 will produce a healthy and productive parabola to replace the interrupted arc of Wies career. And the hope here is that there will be no I Told You Sos from the people who were more part of the problem than the solution.
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