Defending Steve Williams


First of all, The Comebacker wishes everybody a terrific Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. You all come back now in 2009. Hear?
Without further ado, more e-mails about Michelle Wie and some dish on Steve Williams, Tigers embattled caddie:
Jane writes: Steve Williams comments were totally inappropriate and he should be reprimanded. As Tiger's caddie, he is well known and has a responsibility to behave in a manner that is appropriate, recognizing that his actions and words may have a direct or indirect impact on his employer. When said employer has a high public profile it is even more important to conduct oneself appropriately. This applies to anyone in any profession where the association, be it with an individual or a corporation, is public knowledge.
The Comebacker
Jane, even though you write like a lawyer, I agree with what youre saying.

Joe writes: I never write into blogs like this but here goes: I think Michelle Wie is a terrific golfer with a combination of great genetics and the support needed to succeed as a great athlete. However, the problem I see with her game is that she has not developed a killer or winning instinct. I have played basketball and football in college and one thing I know about winning is that it has little to do with just talent. Winners believe winning is their right and they do not hope or wish for it. This is also the reason why no one currently on the PGA (Tour), except for perhaps Vijay Singh and Padraig Harrington, will challenge Tiger for his top spot.
The Comebacker
Methinks Joe has forgotten the name of one Anthony Kim. And, yes, even if Michelle Wie had won at Q-School, despite a small first prize, I think it would have done wonders for her psychologically.

Brian writes: Tiger works hard to have an impeccable image on and off the course. He accepts the role of role model with precision. We are talking about a man who makes New Year's resolutions to be a better person. With this in mind, if these comments by Stevie (Williams) are true, seems to reason that some discipline is in order. Tiger's response and how he deals with it will be interesting. This is a modern day Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan relationship and one that should be handled with much more class and respect ' for the good of the game. Comments like these lower our gentleman's game to that of street hoops or a hockey match.
The Comebacker
Judging from Tigers response to Williams indiscreet use of the language toward Phil Mickelson, Williams better have learned some kind of lesson from this or he will be looking for work on another bag. Speaking of which, in the unlikely event that Woods does sack Williams ' you heard it here first ' I couldnt think of a better replacement than Terry McNamara, the man on Annika Sorenstams bag through her glory years. McNamara is a class act and would never campaign for a job that isnt open yet. But Annika and Tiger share the same agent, Mark Steinberg. Steinberg and everybody else in the golf division he runs at IMG know who McNamara is. McNamara is personable and tough when he needs to be. He is stable. He is hard-working and he is everything Tiger or anybody else could want in a caddie.
Scott writes: There is a ton of talent on the LPGA, and LOTS of great stories. Shame on you for picking the lowest hanging fruit of all ' the Wie (I hate typing that word) story. Stacy Lewis won the event, yet all she gets is a mention in passing. Anna Rawson provided everyone with a nice surprise by qualifying. Meanwhile, you focused your story on someone, who once again proved unable to even close strong, let alone win. Let's highlight the winners, and not recycle the leftovers.
The Comebacker
Wow, Wie is still only 19 years old and already she has been consigned to the status of low hanging fruit and leftovers. Harsh.

Bill writes: The Golf Channel is a business. The reality is, I checked the LPGA Q-School at least twice a day, and I wouldn't have done that if it wasn't for Wie. Show me the money. When Wie and Tiger are in contention, the viewership goes up. Actually, I'm sick of hearing about both of them, but I understand why they are in the headlines. This isn't NPR; golf is a business.
The Comebacker
Bill speaks the truth.

Kendall writes: After reading all the negative comments about Michelle Wie, I felt compelled to chime in with one fact: The game of golf needs stars ... superstars if possible. Michelle Wie is likeable, cute, and a real talent. She's just more fun to watch than most other golfers. And now she's proving her self the old fashioned way in Q-School. So hopefully everyone can stop treating her like somehow she's bad for the game, because we all know better. She's news. I'm shocked to hear people in the golf community be so negative ' she's a nice young lady, and an exciting story to follow.
The Comebacker
Support for Wie. We dont get a lot of that in this forum either. Still waiting, by the way, for someone to defend Steve Williams.

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