Give Trevor His Due Please


As promised, this weeks Comebacker is the exclusive province of last years Masters. Trevor Immelman, who had surgery in December, beat Tiger Woods, who had surgery Tuesday.
Without further ado:
Barb writes: My jaw dropped open when I saw Trevors flex'in one moment he went from a nice South African to a jerk. I could not believe it.
The Comebacker If you are referring to Immelmans immediate reaction after winning the Masters, give the guy a break. It was the defining moment of his career to date. Clearly, it was going to take a while to sink in.
Bill writes: While everybody is shocked that Tiger Woods didn't win the Masters....he still had the lowest 36 hole total for Saturday and Sunday. His 68 Saturday tied the lowest round of the day. His 72 Sunday was only beaten by four or five players(none of which were in the top 10 to start the day)..While a lot of guys seemed to shoot 1 under by making 5 birdies and 4 bogeys, Tiger always seemed to be steady with a lot of pars.
The Comebacker Tiger lost the Masters because he needed 120 putts for 72 holes and he didnt make enough hay on the par 5s.
Blair writes: Second to the last paragraph in your article: He's the only player in the world younger than 30 to win a Major. What did I miss here? Trevor is a fine golfer but I think you are way too high on a golfer yet to break out of mediocrity. He's played eight times since the beginning of the season. Four missed cuts, and nothing better than a 40th until he became the unlikely winner of the Masters. A great golfer doesn't have one great tournament. Great golfers must show a certain degree of consistency. I don't see that from Trevor.
The Comebacker You missed the fact that I didnt put the word currently in front of younger. By the way, its interesting to note that the last three winners on the PGA TOUR are all younger than 30. And finally, of course we cant use the word great to describe Immelman yet. But there are a lot of players close to him in age (Garcia, Scott, Howell et al) that are green with envy right now.
Daniel writes: Congrats to Trevor. He seems like a very nice young man who can inspire the younger generations. His mannerism is outstanding. Someone who doesn't spit into the cup! (I'm sure you know who I was referring to).
The Comebacker That would be Sergio Garcia. Im pretty sure you wont see him spitting in a cup again any time soon. But he might drool the next time he sees Immelman wearing a green jacket.
Matt writes: Trevor Immelman's reaction after winning the Masters was the most indifferent reaction I have ever witnessed! It bothered me that the man just won THE Masters and the only emotion he can muster is to slowly move his forearms shoulder high? Then in the scorer's tent he flashes the camera a thumbs up with half smile? His reaction was more like, 'I just found a great parking space' rather than, 'I won the Masters!'
The Comebacker
Matt, have you ever met Barb?

Ken writes: How do you explain the fact that not one of the many talented Australians in this years Masters was even remotely a factor?
The Comebacker How do you explain the fact that no Australian has ever won The Masters? Hey, Palmer never won a PGA. Snead never won a U.S. Open. Tigers never come from behind on the final day to win a major. These are just a few of the games great mysteries.

Elizabeth writes: This was a horrible Masters. What could have been the most exciting year ever in golf is now just another year.
The Comebacker Ok, so Elizabeth was counting on Woods to win the calendar Grand Slam. Watched any womens golf lately? Lorena Ochoa is three majors away but has a great shot to capture the Slam on the womens side. Dont take your eyes off of her.
David writes: I know I am an old fuddy duddy. I have been watching since Palmer won and gave it away with a double on 18. Almost 50 years. Must be the course, because the golfers are all incredibly good. Horribly boring. Where are the birdies and eagles? The course must be ridiculously hard. The folks that run the tournament had best wise up. Many people will quit watching these guys play in fear and make pars.
The Comebacker First of all, The Comebacker doesnt subtract points for fuddy duddies. And David makes some terrific points. But the reason hes unhappy with the current Masters scoring conditions is precisely the reason I enjoy the U.S. Open. Par is a good score. Patience is a virtue. And the worlds best players are put to the toughest test.
Cheryl writes: I will bet you big time this will be his (Immelmans) last major. You writers always say that about first time winners and it never happens. He shot 75 in the final round. If Woods had posted a 68 or 69, he would have crumbled like a card tower. He does not have the confidence or belief to do it again. I see it as another Michael Campbell. I was not impressed by Trevor as much as I was disappointed by the big time players this week. He does have a good swing though.
The Comebacker He has a very good swing. And thats about all I agree with Cheryl on. Arnold Palmer shot 75 in the final round to win the 1962 Masters and nobody was suggesting he wasnt going to win any more majors.

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