Golf Clichés Love Em Hate Em


The Comebacker wants to put this out there: Last week we got into it a little. Im talking about golf clichs.
You know, like never up, never in, those sorts of clichs. There are some we love and some we hate. We hear them from our friends, our playing partners. We read them in the prints and we hear them from the electronic media as well.
I want to hear from you. Keep them to about 10 words or less. Send them to me in e-mails. Let me know the ones you hate. Or the ones you love. In a Comebacker in the near future I will list the best of the best and the worst of the worst in this space. And, of course, I will Comeback on our readers choices.
Meanwhile, without further ado, heres this weeks Comebacker starting out with a couple of follow-up items to the Annika retirement:
Paul writes: Annika will be sorely missed. She is the epitome of class AND dominance of her sport. She is the reason the LPGA competes well with the PGA on non-Tiger weeks. I hope you are right and she does return!
The Comebacker
Strangely enough, if Annika starts a family and if she comes back after, say four or five years off, it could be the same time Lorena Ochoa is leaving to start a family of her own.

Al writes: I cant believe you say she respected all her fellow competitors since she lambasted a young star to be , Miss Wie, when she was a child trying to live up to the media promotion of her. I thought Sorenstam was very mean in her assessment of Michele (sic) and the injury she suffered. I hope Michele (sic) haves (sic) a very successful career and wish Sorenstam much happiness in having her family, but given her age difference she could have been more supportive to a young aspiring player.
The Comebacker
In the case referenced, Wie did not respect the women of the LPGA. Annika told it like it was. There is not a mean bone in Annikas body.

Tim writes: Garcias ball striking ability is unquestioned. His sportsmanship was, and still is, abysmal. He will win more tournaments and maybe even a major or two but, in my humble opinion, he has lost as a sportsman. I, for one, will not cheer his victories.
The Comebacker
There is a lot of sentiment like Tims still out there on Sergio. I believe Garcia is maturing. Its just happening a little more slowly than some people would like. Theres still good Sergio and bad Sergio. Think of it this way, if youre an American golf fan: When bad Sergio shows up at the Ryder Cup its a lot easier and a lot more fun rooting against him. I just think were seeing a lot more of good Sergio these days and thats a good thing.

Boris writes: Sergio has been given a raw deal. As a very young player at a certain PGA Championship that Tiger won, he acted as young men tend to do (cocky and sure of himself). He challenged Tiger, and all of a sudden he is the next person to take down Tiger. The media tried to make him out to be an equal challenger to Tiger, but no one (at least not yet) is a challenger to Tiger, and that is the raw deal. Sergio is a good player who will win maybe fifteen PGA Tour events and maybe one or two majors, but he is not the Tiger killer that people erroneously thought. Could the media have mistaken youthful arrogance for greatness? He is like the lion with a mighty roar, but he is missing some teeth, so he is not as effective is he sounds.
The Comebacker
Sergios roar at The PLAYERS was both toothy and loud. That said, he will have to win a major championship before anybody should think about bestowing the mantel of greatness upon him.

Helen writes: All I can say to anyone who has something bad to say about any athlete is WALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES. Then you can make detrimental and characteristic criticisms.
The Comebacker
You wont catch THE COMEBACKER walking a mile in Ian Poulters shoes.

Connie writes: Colonial was great to watch, and I for one, did not miss Woods for a minute. Golf is still great to watch regardless of who is playing because someone always wins and for that week, and for that tournament that person is number one, AND that is important. Sergio at The PLAYERS was wonderful...he won...he was number one that day. Why cannot a win be acknowledged for what it is and who it is without your ruining it with thoughts about Woods?
The Comebacker
Woods is, and should be in our thoughts in any serious conversation about mens golf. Anybody who has a problem with that might want to take up bird watching.

John writes: Beth Daniel was an outstanding golfer and is an incredible individual. However, she does not have the vocal chords as an announcer/analyst. Her voice is weak, nasally and annoying.
The Comebacker
First of all, thats the voice God gave her. Its what she says that should matter, not how it sounds. Howard Cosell had a nasal voice, too. But he usually had something to say that meant something, even if you disagreed.

Robert writes: I believe the following could easily replace Sanders, Elkington, Kim, Parnevik and Player in the best dressed category. The replacements would be Ben Hogan, Fred Couples, Arnold Palmer, Bernhard Langer, and Grace Park. Ben Hogan was very particular about his clothing and always conservatively well dressed. Fred Couples, Arnold Palmer, and Grace Park always look great and Bernhard's clothing has a European flair that actually fits.
The Comebacker
Just curious, what do you think about the clothes Marty Hackel wears? (Remember, style is in the eye of the beholder. I like Martys style but wouldnt dare wear some of his choices. Thats what makes the fashion world go round). The cargo pants Langer wears wouldnt be allowed at many exclusive clubs. The outfits Natalie Gulbis wears, I think, look terrific but also wouldnt be allowed at many exclusive golf clubs. And while were on the subject, why do many exclusive clubs allow the so-called cart girls to wear shorts at a length that would be unacceptably short for women members? I think I know the reason. Nevertheless, this is a double standard.
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