Goose Over Tiger at Augusta


The Comebacker is geeked for the Masters Tournament. He is not hyped for the Masters, an event that doesnt need any hype. He is a little hyper about the years first major. But thats a healthy thing at this time of year in golf, what with the weather starting to change and the dogwood starting to bloom.
The Masters helps remind us in golf that we are alive. Better, it rejuvenates us. It is a renewal.
Without further ado:
Jon writes: I am going to go on record early.Watch out for Retief Goosen. His rhythm is back, posture problems fixed and he seems to be putting very well. Essentially MIA for a year or so'look for him to challenge at the Masters.
The ComebackerThe secret is out: Goosen shot 68-68 on the weekend at Bay Hill two Sundays ago. Then he backed that up with a T2 at Doral, a championship he probably could have won if he hadnt run out of holes. Goosen is back with his old Tracy putter made by YES.Interestingly, the company named that putter model after Goosens wife, Tracy.

Wade writes: I think the missed story line from Monday was that once again, Adam Scott completely crumbled in the heat of battle. His putter woes may not yet be Sergio-esque but I think hes approaching that level. For all of Butchs accolades about him, the truth is that hes merely the best of all the journeymen.
The ComebackerJourneymen do not get to No. 6 in the world rankings. And as for the putting, Tiger had four three-putts during Doral week and I dont see anybody comparing him to Sergio Garcia. But the fact remains that its time for Adam Scott, at age 27, to step up in the majors. Both he and his instructor, Butch Harmon, are keenly aware of that.

Lon writes: I think that players should bid their own cash for a spot to play on the Ryder Cup team.and in The Skins Game. That seems to be the currency they all understand. That money could be donated to a player fund for players families that really need some help..It might even be the incentive to play their guts out..
The ComebackerOr it might be an incentive for Donald Trump to try and buy his way onto the team. Seriously, though, I like the charity aspect of your suggestion.

Jane writes:Ive noticed that Tigers play is usually not up to par when he is paired with a slow player or when he is forced to wait on the tee due to slow play ahead or delays due to rulings on shots. Is this just my perception or have you made the same observation?
The Comebacker I have observed that Tiger usually plays better when the photographers wait until he has completed his swing before triggering their cameras. By the way, the blue streak that Woods loosed after the most recent photog incident at Doral has now been widely reported. Woods talked about it at length on ESPN. And there wasnt a hint of an apology. Question: Is Woods within his rights to purple the air with sailors language when he is wronged? Or does he need to curb his tongue in those situations? And should we hold the public Woods up to a different standard on this score than we hold ourselves to in games at our home courses?

James writes: I cant remember the hole because it took so long but Sean OHair actually took over 1.5 minutes to hit a tee ball at Bay Hill. Sean proceeded to take five practice swings behind the ball, then took his stance and after 15 seconds over the ball he then decided to change clubs and went through the same routine, a little quicker this time, once again and then skanked his shot into the left hand bunker. I cheered! This is why we are losing the youth and seniors (me) in the game! I couldnt take it anymore and turned it off before I fell asleep. I am starting to side with Rory on this.
The Comebacker Hmmmm. More slow play backlash. When seniors start cheering skanked shots, maybe its time to take this thing a little more seriously.

Joe writes:Jack Nicklaus has been and continues to be my golf idol for all time, but in my humble opinion I dare say that Tiger, by the time he is done playing, will be twice as good as Jack
The ComebackerTiger cannot be considered twice as good as Jack until he wins twice as many major championships as Nicklaus. Thats setting the bar at 36. Its doable for Woods. But thats one bet I wouldnt take Tigers side on.

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