Imagine Tiger at 50


An eclectic group of e-mails have arrived. THE COMEBACKER will start with one about Tiger Woods. But dont switch that dial. This weeks edition touches on a delicious variety of subjects.
Without further ado:
Alan writes:I believe that when the dust settles, and Tiger joins the Senior Tour, his legacy will have spoken in terms of the accomplishments he achieved.
The Comebacker First of all there are no guarantees Tiger will be playing golf in front of television cameras after the age of 50. We can only hope. Second of all, Alan, thats Champions Tour not Senior Tour. Shame on you. Third of all, Woods legacy has already spoken volumes at high volume.
Lon writes:The chief reason its so hard to grow the game lies in the facts that: Most people seem to have the attention span of an insect; ..The fan base you are cultivating has an appreciation of the sport that shows they are shallow and superficial.The Euros play a smarter game than the U.S. players, except for Sergio.
The Comebacker Lon, would love to get your thoughts on baseball.And while were on the subject, I dont care what you think, Sergio is smarter than Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte combined.
Paul writes: An idea on how to get the big name players in the Mercedes Championships: Offer double the FedExCup points.
The Comebacker
And let them keep the courtesy cars (shipping included).

John writes: It takes 365 plus days for the earth to complete an orbit of the sun from any of 365 date defined points in that orbit. We call the elapsed time of any orbit a year. A calendar year represents an arbitrary selection of one of those 365 date defined orbits around the sun, chosen most probably for mans convenience in recording the seasons and the absolute passage of time over many years. As such, the calendar year would not seem to have any rational relevance to evaluating the relative merits of winning all four Grand Slam events in any consecutive sequence. All four in a row are equally significant. People who disagree should explain why any one sequence is rationally more significant in any way.
The Comebacker Copernicus couldnt have said it any better than John. However, comma, the so-called Tiger Slam was what it was. It was grand. And it was a slam. But it was not the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam needs to be done in the same year for the same reason that THE PLAYERS, a terrific free-standing championship, is not a major.
Yvette writes: Im a big fan of the Big Break and Im happy that Tommy Two Gloves Gainey is finally living his dream of making it to the Big Show.
The Comebacker Big Show? Hmmm. That would make a great nickname..Anyway, I think the headline every week Gainey cant get into a PGA TOUR field should be: The Gloves Are Off.
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