International Out Replacement in Offing


PGA Tour (75x100)Golf Channel has learned that the PGA TOUR expects to announce, within 30 to 45 days, a new title sponsor in a major market for an event that will take the place of The International.
This came on the heels of a media advisory released late Wednesday in which the PGA TOUR said The International will not conduct its event as scheduled (July 5-8) this year. Early speculation is centering around Washington D.C. as the possible replacement venue.
PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem and International founder Jack Vickers will participate in a Thursday morning conference call to discuss the reasons why the tournament is ceasing to operate.
A source told Golf Channel there were many factors involved, including declining ratings and difficulty finding sponsors in the Denver area during the current early July time slot.
The source said the TOUR would never wait until February of the same year in which an event was scheduled in July to announce the cancellation of an event unless every possible avenue to save The International had been explored.
Earlier in the day a second source told Golf Channel that the last few weeks had been a real yo-yo, an emotional roller coaster for the people on The International side of negotiations.
Golf Channel has also learned that there is more than one candidate in line to replace The International and that there is a clear frontrunner.