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This week The Comebacker is all about J.D. No, not Jack Daniels, wise guy. Were talking about John Daly.
He has a history of drinking problems that have been well-chronicled and admitted to by him. And this hasnt been a very good week for golfs Paul Bunyan.
On Tuesday, GolfChannel.com broke the story about Butch Harmon, the coach, firing John Daly, the player. The very next day Long John missed his pro-am tee time which, as stipulated in the rules, made him ineligible to play in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill this week.
Needless to say, that lit up the e-mail community. And suffice it to say, much of Dalys constituency is eroding quickly.
Without further ado:
Ron writes: Like the bulk of golf fans, I suspect, Ive hoped and prayed John would work through, overcome his abuse problems. Sadly, that hasnt happened. Unless and until he gains control of his life, golf will be better off without his wasted talent.
The Comebacker The problem for John, and the people around him, is exactly how do you set about gaining control of a life that appears to be spinning wildly out of control?

Ship writes: We need to pray for John.

The Comebacker

Gary (admonishing the media) writes: . I watch with my young son and see how John brags about his beer breakfasts, heavy smoking and horrible eating habits.Leave him out of the news and ignore him and let him hit bottom (then maybe he will get help) and concentrate on the other several hundred great PGA TOUR golfers that will be good role models for the game as well as our children..When and if John can get his self and life turned around, I will be right there to support him again.

The ComebackerSo many Daly fans are just about ready to quit on him. But most of them, like Gary, will come back in a heartbeat if Daly ever gets his cluttered house in order.

Danny writes: It doesnt get any worse than this for Daly. You no show Arnold Palmer!!! This is the most disrespectful act I have ever seen by someone who claims to be a professional golfer. You do not do Arnold Palmer like that, you just dont. Daly needs to be gone from the PGA TOUR. Perhaps his future is on the Hooters Tour where he wont win either but could provide a Circus Act with himself as the premier clown.

The Comebacker So what are we talking about here, John Daly appearing at county fairs some day? Yeesh.

Glen writes:Re: The John Daly and Butch Harmon relationship. John is 41 and still a non-responsible and obviously ill child. Sad; very sad.

The Comebacker
Are you sensing a pattern yet from the e-mailers?

Larry writes:This aint the NFL or MLB. Its the PGA. It has always stood for more and gets respect because of the way the players handle themselves on and off the course. Everybody roots for the guy but if he cant handle himself any better maybe he should just go away.

The ComebackerAgain, part of the problem is trying to figure exactly where John Daly would go if golf was no longer part of his everyday life.

Joseph writes: Hope someone will be able to talk to him to make things right and hopefully he will listen and act accordingly. We love John Daly.

The ComebackerTiger is superhuman. Daly is human. To a fault. To a lot of faults, actually.

Joe writes: Anyone who has experienced alcoholism, directly or through a loved one, can tell you that all of this comes as no surprise. I am not a huge fan of Harmons but his approach with Daly is the only approach that should be used with someone like Daly. You offer your help, but you dont enable the alcoholics drinking.

The ComebackerNo question that Daly has been very good at finding enablers. Butch said from the beginning that it was going to be tough love or no love at all.

Coy writes: John needs a new life. He needs to be born again. Only one person can do that for John; the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope he runs to Jesus before its too late. Billy Graham would tell him to repent, believe and receive the Lord Jesus.

The ComebackerThere is a saying in eastern religion: When the student is ready to learn, a teacher will appear.

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