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The Comebacker is a bit of a potpourri this week. A little Lorena. A little Tiger. A Little Phil. And some dialogue on shooting your age.
Without further ado:
Bob writes: Is not it time for Lorena to take part in one of the Mens events?
The Comebacker
No, it not is.

Robert writes: While there is probably no reliable record on the youngest player to shoot his/her age in a casual round of golf, on the PGA TOUR, in 1979, Sam Snead became the first player to score his age and then score below his age. He shot 67 and 66 in the Ed McMahon Quad Cities Open at the age of 67. A fact that Mr. McMahon took pride in reporting on the Tonight Show. To date, no one on the PGA TOUR has bettered that mark.
The Senior/Champions Tour record is considerably lower. Then 61-year-old Walter Morgan shot a 60 in the 2002 AT&T Canada Senior Open, a record that even Tiger might find a challenge to surpass since he has not yet fired a 60 in a competitive round.
The ComebackerHiiiyyyooooooo!!!!!!!.......And yeah, the 32-year-old Tiger Woods still hasnt shot his age for 18 holes. What a chump. So overrated.

Kriss writes:To Jim who says Tiger and Phil take days off because they dont care, consider this, Jim: A multi-million dollar baseball player only has to play well 25% of the time to get his golden paycheck'and he has eight other players to help him get to the bank; a superstar basketball player runs around for 45 minutes, takes passes from his teammates, dunks a few and then gets automatic deposits for his allowance. But, pro golfers in the rarified air shared by Tiger and Phil and Jim and Vijay et al. play without teammates to help them. No go-to guy in the end zone, no assists under the net, no teammates hockey stick to nudge in a goal. If casual golfers dont get how hard pro golf is, then they just arent paying attention. So hush up, Jim.
The ComebackerLots of good points there Kriss. And a few not-so-good ones. Like for example, the Michael Jordan I watched in the NBA all those years did a lot more than run around for 45 minutes taking passes from teammates and dunking a few.

Cheryl writes: Ive never considered you a dullard.but what an idiotic write-up in your attempt to defend Phils 11 (At Pebble Beach on the 14th hole last month). If you truly believe Phil was trying to win, and if Phil believed he was playing to win the tournament on Saturday, you are both idiots. I dont have immediate access to a Tiger biography, but Ive never heard him say that you can win a tournament on any day but Sunday. There is no logic in trying to win, before even making the cut!
If being massively-talented and outrageously-rich affords Phil the luxury to feed his hubris--excessive pride, excessive ambition, that usually leads to the downfall of a hero--, then it is you that does not realize that Phil deserves the consequences of his risk-taking..without sympathy, excuses or praise! Why does anyone need to defend him?!.....
The ComebackerI know what hubris means, thank you very much. And I know what dullard means, thank you not so very much.

Rob writes: An old man I used to play with said, You have to have a hole in your head to putt. I think thats whats in Tigers head, the hole and nothing else. Which is why he wins, because he gets the ball in the hole in the least amount of strokes.
The ComebackerCongratulations, Rob. You have managed to write something new about Tiger Woods. You, sir, are not a dullard.

Tim writes: Nike is going to pay for Tiger Woods to go on the next moon exploration. Tiger will be attempting to drive his golf ball completely around the moons surface. Nike will then come out with their 'Moon Ball' and make billions.
The ComebackerActually tennis Andrea Jaeger thought of, and perfected, the moon ball way back in the '70s.

Ken writes: I am tired of hearing how Tiger Woods is the best golfer ever; once he actually plays a full schedule every week then maybe well see. The fact that he plays, like, once a month is pathetic. Anyone can take a month off and be fresh for his next start. I think people should stop bowing down to this guy until he plays every week like Jack, Arnie and the other old timers did, until then hes just a part-time player.
The ComebackerShakespeare didnt write a play every week (or even every month). Did that make him a part-time writer?

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