Lump Sum of Herrons Fans


By popular demand, a second straight column on the ever-popular Tim Herron. He wins at the Bank of America Colonial. He pops out of birthday cakes in commercials. Everybody loves Lumpy.
So when the readers write. I respond:
From Byrdieman: WowWhat a series of must make putts that he made. He really held together well. It was a very exciting finish. Congratulations to Mr. Johnson, too. He played very well also.
Comment: Did you know Richard S. Johnsons grandfather was an American from New Jersey who married a Swedish woman?
From BB: I think it was great that Lumpy won. He is fun to watch and is such an anti-modern golfer. And I really like one of the latest FootJoy ads where Lumpy is shown near the end jumping from a cake. How refreshing to see him come through.
Comment: The cake? Or at Colonial.
From Michael: As much as he is a fan favorite, moving his family back to Minnesota, I dont think well see Lumpy too many more years on the tour unless he does something about his weight. He and Daly really stand out as the two overweight guys playing the tour.
Comment: Not sure I understand the connection between moving back to Minnesota and the criticism for having a weight problem.
From Anonymous: Its no wonder Scott Steele, Tim Herrons caddie, doesnt speak to the media. Scott Steele is no dummy. Those with short memories may have forgotten all the flap that took place when Fluff Cowan spoke to the media during the time he caddied for Tiger Woods, supposedly drawing attention away from the star of stars.
Comment: With all due respect to Mike Cowan, or just about anybody else in golf, it will take a lot more than talking to draw attention away from Tiger Woods.
From Dub: Tim and Scott are super nice, pleasant people and a credit to the game.
Comment: Scott Steele might be the nicest guy who didnt want to talk to me I ever met.
From John: Is it time to say something about David (Duvals) comeback? He was only seven shots back this weekend; had three rounds in the 60s and won almost $47,000. Will he be a contender in the months ahead?
Comment: Yes, if he can get his driving accuracy percentage near 60 percent.
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