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The Comebacker, despite what you might think, is more than just a wisecracker. The Comebacker reads all the e-mails that arrive. And The Comebacker understands his responsibility to reflect, in his choices for this space, the tenor of the volume of those cyber missives.
Which means, in this case, mostly more reactions'and reactions to the reactions'of Tiger Woods burst of billingsgate at Doral last month when a photographers motor drive went off in his backswing.
Without further ado:
Sam writes: As far as Tiger is concerned, I do not blame him for going off about photographers snapping pictures when he is about to swing or is in the process of swinging. This is another problem that Tim Finchem must and should address. Further, I am a HUGE Tiger fan and I actually pray that he wins every tournament he enters. I just hope I'm around when he breaks Jack's record of 18 majors.
The Comebacker Am thinking that if Finchem is fining Woods for these outbursts'the TOURs policy is to not announce fines'its going to take some pretty large assessments to dent Tigers bank account.

George writes: I think Tiger has to address his on-air profanity by either controlling it or substituting other not so vulgar or offensive words...I play with a pretty decent golfer who loudly says an exaggerated HAHA whenever he has an extreme mishit, and we all know what he means, but no one has to look for young children to cover their ears!
The Comebacker
Golly, I hadnt thought about that.

Bill writes: I have children who watch golf with me and I do not let them watch when Tiger is playing because of his cursing. You dont have to be a lip reader to know what he is saying. I wonder that God does not slap him down using his name in vain like he does. Its gotten to the point where I dont watch when he is playing. Thank God he does not play every week.
The ComebackerGotta defend Tiger a little bit here. Hes not the only one (Google Bubba Watson) letting an expletive fly every now and then. Seems to me hes otherwise a pretty strong role model for the kids.

Vinny writes: Tiger is the reason for golf's popularity today, and yes he should be outspoken, and yes he is usually correct, and yes its Okay with me if gets angry for the right cause.
The Comebacker
So many causes. So little time.

Stephen writes:Kudos to Tiger for the salty language we all use when some nimrod screws up our rhythm, timing, or enjoyment on the course. In my opinion, it makes him more normal as a golfer. I'd rather hear that than some professional who is so image conscious that even in a fit of anger he doesn't show how he really feels.
The ComebackerHogan never really showed how he felt. And he wasnt terribly image conscious'unless the image was of his swing.

Carl writes: My question is, is shooting 59 a curse? I ask this question because of the following: David Duval shot 59 and then what happened to his career? Chip Beck shot 59 and then what happened to his career? Annika shot 59 and then what happened to her career? Al Geiberger shot 59. I would have to back and look up how successful he was after that! Any thoughts?
The Comebacker Nobody has ever shot 59 in competition on the European Tour. Maybe thats why they always beat us in the Ryder Cup.

Roger writes: I understand that the pros are playing on a razor's edge, where the difference of winning and placing is very small. However they are pros, and should have a bit more ability to concentrate. In my sport, archery, people tell jokes while you are on the shooting line, and if you can not focus on your shot, that's your limitation. Didn't I hear someone cut loose with a nail gun on one rain delayed Monday? Was the roofer banned from building golf course housing for this? Tongue is in cheek, but not far from a cat-call.
The Comebacker
I hate it when the nail gun goes off in my backswing.

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