Morgan Risks Wrath of Tour Fashion Police


Tiger Woods hair is gold one week and natural the next. The color of feisty young Brit Ian Poulters coif depends on what day of the week youre talking about.
But when PGA Tour rookie John Morgan showed up in Hartford with blue hair last got noticed.
Tour senior vice-president Henry Hughes overheard a group of fans use the word clown to describe Morgan. He emphasized to Morgan -- in a rather pointed chat -- that the tour had a respectable tradition to uphold.
Hughes told me last week at the PGA Championship that he had issued no orders. And Morgan confirmed this in a separate conversation with me Tuesday night.
But Hughes message to Morgan was clear. The tour was preferring to stake out the tonsorial high ground.
It should be pointed out that Hughes is a reasonable man with a good sense of humor. He said he likes John Morgan and understands the need some people have to be different. Hughes job, however, is not to encourage players to emulate Andy Warhol rather than Hale Irwin.
Hughes got it when Morgan explained to him that the blue hair resulted from a lost golf bet with Les Garland, one of the founders of MTV. If Morgan had lost the bet, Garland would have had to dye his hair pink, an occurrence that wouldnt have disturbed Garland one bit.
Alas, 12-handicapper Garland fired a 77. Next thing anybody knew, Morgans hue was blue.
For now, Morgans hair has returned to a more respectable tradition. Sort of. Tuesday at the Reno-Tahoe Open it was white.
But he told me that it could revert to blue again before the week ends. I just want to be myself, Morgan said. If I want to go blue again, Ill go blue. I respect and understand what the tour said. But its kind of frustrating.
Tight pants...Rainbow locks...Retro shoes. Can tattoos with golf manufacturers logos be far behind? Will the tour have to hire taste police?
Probably not. But stay tuned. This story does not appear to be over just yet.
Lets not forget the 70s. Remember those outrageous bell bottoms, long hair and sideburns? They were about five years behind the times. But the golf establishment blanched then, too.
Similarly, wild hair colors are nothing new, especially in England where Morgan and Poulter were raised. Just go down into the subways (the tube as they call it) the next time youre in London.
Every generation finds a way to confound its elders. This has been going on for thousands of years.
I draw the line at piercing body parts. The tongue was not meant to serve as a home for costume jewelry. But I digress.
Maybe John Morgan is actually bridging the generation gap. He wants to dye his hair blue. The ladies in your grandmothers bridge club already know the drill.