Moving the Needles


The Comebackers feedbackers this week are all over Michelle Wies quest for her LPGA card. And not all of that feedback is nice.
Without further ado:

Mike writes:Perhaps if Wie hadn't been so focused on beating the men she could've concentrated on beating the women.
The Comebacker

Doug writes:Please tell me the reason the Golf Channel pays so much attention to this girl. She is not an above average player and she did not perform well in 08, so what is the fascination? I run a golf shop and have gotten sick over the hourly updates on her performance when there are some past winners and up-and-coming players who actually had a fair 08 but just not good enough. The record and performance she has given since playing (as a) pro has not been worth all the attention. She is receiving the type of attention if Annika (Sorenstam)had to go thru Q-(S)chool to play next year and she is not worthy of polishing Annikas shoes.
The Comebacker Doug, with all due respect, you need to get out of the shop once in a while. To say Michelle Wie is not above average is an insult she does not deserve. And shes received plenty of insults the last couple of years.

Tom writes:Well, here we go again, Brian. It seems that the LPGA is ready to fold at any moment, and, somehow, Michelle Wie is the only one who can save it. Michelle Wie suffers from bad judgment and bad management, and the LPGA can do nicely without her. She turned pro too soon, especially if she intended to go to college. She lost more than she gained with that one. Whos guiding her? If its (David) Leadbetter, he should stick to trying to teach her how to play the game. As for Michelle, she needs to decide if its going to be professional golf or Stanford, because those are the only choices she has now. Personally, I would like to see her out on the tour, but only if she is going to be a full-time player. She possesses all of the physical talent to be one of the best to ever play the game, so why isnt she doing that? Last year was such a disaster that I didnt know if she would ever gain enough confidence to compete at the LPGA level again. Anyway, thanks for another amusing column.
The Comebacker Youre welcome. Fact is: Michelle needs the LPGA more than the LPGA needs her (which is not to say the LPGA doesnt need her a lot.) The reason is: she needs a regular schedule. She needs to get a rhythm to her schedule. I agree with Leadbetter when he says all the stopping and starting, particularly with all the commutes to Hawaii, has taken a heavy toll on Wies game.

Jeff writes:What a prima donna. Her parents wont speak to the press? If her game was as good as everybody thought why not skip college? She drops out of tournaments for: sore wrist? Heat exhaustion? Who was the fool from Nike who gave her a $10 million contract with one win: U.S. Publinks? Add up her scores over the past two years. Shes a strong 10 handicap.
The Comebacker Michelle Wie, getting 10 shots from any scratch player you can find, can be my partner in a Saturday best-ball match anywhere you want to tee it up.

Dennis writes:It is without a doubt that the young lady was given too much money and she had little to drive her after that. She has been resting on laurels she has never earned ' potential yes, and desire perhaps, and defeatism from her family emanates from her play. It is obvious that she isnt having fun. When she decides to prove herself it will be without her family smothering her every waking moment on the golf course. I may be wrong. I hope so.
The Comebacker Despite parental love and unquestioned support, her mother and father havent always been the best sounding boards for Wies career decisions.

Gar writes:Im pulling for Michelle to gain an LPGA card and then play on the LPGA Tour. Trying to keep up with the PGA (Tour) players ruined her game.
The Comebacker
I think we found a Michelle Wie fan.

Larry writes:You never give up covering Wie. They say Michael Phelps may earn five million-plus this year and Wie still earns 20 million (hope not). Don't you feel only because the media (you) is so fascinated with this loser that she attracts dollars and Phelps and others who are winners do not receive as much? Everyone I know laughs at what a joke Wie is.
The Comebacker Michelle Wie laughed her way all the way to a 7-under 65 Thursday at LPGA Q-School.

George writes:Too bad the LPGA is at a crossroads because every time they get to one they double bogey. They are losing sponsors, crowds are sparse at best and the yardage they claim the girls hit the ball must be done with smoke and mirrors. Also testing Sorenstam (for drugs) after her last LPGA event was stupid.
The Comebacker
Like, I said, the LPGA needs Michelle Wie, too.

Don writes:Since when is one golfer bigger than the game itself? Arnie, Jack and Lee are not competing anymore, but the game goes on. The LPGA will go on to bigger and better things. There are great players making the ladies game great.
The Comebacker
Wow, a positive e-mail.

M.D. writes:I remember reading an article by Jan Stephenson in which she stated that the 'Asians are killing the LPGA Tour,' or something to that effect. At the time I read it I thought that her statement was a stretch. Now, a few years later, I find myself watching the LPGA less and less often. If (Paula) Creamer, (Morgan) Pressel or someone else I recognize is in contention I'll watch. If, as is common, the leaderboard is full of names I can't pronounce ' I lose interest. So I agree ' the LPGA needs Wie. Can we just lose her parents?
The Comebacker
Double ouch.

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