Naming Tigers Baby


As promised, todays column will serve as the suggestion box to the Woodses -- Tiger and Elin. It comes in response to the recent announcement that the happy couple is expecting its first child sometime this summer.

All of the following suggestions arrived via E-mail. We can only imagine the volume going directly to Tigers public relations army.

Without further ado:

..I wouldnt be surprised to see Earl Jack or Jack Earl after the most influential men in his life. No clue about a girl.

Boy'what else but Major Earl Woods. Both for his goals and his Dad.

Daughter - Nordic Woods. Reason - Sounds vaguely poetic and covers her genealogical background.

Assuming its a boy ' Earl Lord..

If its a girl, of course her name must be Kitten!

I think Tiger should name the new baby Philip Garth Andrew Woods. His initials would be PGA.

Sorry to be boring, but for a boy it will be Earl..

..Lets assume he is having a boy. I suggest he name him Ti.

Philip V. Ernesto Woods..

If its a boy, Phil Mickelson..

Phil or Philip Woods? Sounds good to me but is unlikely.

Earl or Earline..


The child has to be named Kitty.

..Cubby Earl Woods..

Boy: Noonan Earl Woods (Caddy Shack). Girl: El Woods (Legally Blonde).

..and the child shall be called Earl Anthony Woods, as is written'The Gospel of Golf Ch. 2, Verse 2.

..Could be twins.

If they have a boy they should name him Nike and if it is a girl they should name her Nike.

The babys name should be Tony for a boy or Toni for a girl. Taken from Tony the Tiger on Frosted Flakes. Get it? Theyre Great.

I suggest Tigger from Winnie The Pooh, especially since Tigers pooh-poohed the critics of his second swing change and won two majors last year.

How about Norwegian?

How about Norwegian?

Get it? The Beatles Song?

Actually, Elin is Swedish, not Norwegian. So, well, lets just be glad Tiger and Elin have at least six more months before they settle on a first and middle name for what will, surely, be the most heralded arrival in golf since Tiger himself.

Personally, I cant imagine a male offspring without the name Earl in there somewhere. As for a female, I, too, am clueless.

And, no, I dont think the choice of Phil is very likely either.

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