No 2 Sergio or Phil


The Comebacker starts off today on Sergio Garcia, who, for the last six months, has been a one-man hot topic.
Without further ado:

Jim writes: No doubt Sergio is the No. 2 guy in the world. In his defense of supplanting Phil (Mickelson), what has Phil done to keep his spot? Not much. Sergio is the guy that's winning. As far as being No. 1, that will take a major (victory) along with regular wins. But for now he's the real No. 2.
The Comebacker
And as such, Sergio is the best No. 2 never to have won a major. I know that sounds like a cheap shot. And, really, Jims on the money here. Phil should be under the microscope a little more right now than Sergio.

Dave writes: Hopefully, the PGA Tour is not taking the upcoming potential sponsorship problems too lightly. I cannot believe that sponsors like Buick, Wachovia, AT&T and Morgan Stanley are long for the PGA Tour. Others will probably leave also. The Tour is already too elitist ' there are many events that the top players will NEVER play in. That is not good. I hope that the players understand that. Does anyone have the courage to ask Tiger to make an exception or two each year? Maybe it's time to give something back to the Tour. It may be too late. The European Tour has the PGA Tour on its heels. Everyone on the PGA Tour needs to pray that Tiger comes back strong. You're only as strong as your weakest link.
The Comebacker
Dave, you said a mouthful there. The good news for the Tour is that its fully subscribed for 2009 with the possible exception of one Fall Series event. The better news would be a turnaround for the economy. None of the experts Ive heard are predicting that before 2010.

Jim writes: I was pulling hard for Davis Love this past Sunday. He hasn't won for a while, and has gone through some tough physical and personal problems, all without whining about it. Love doesn't generate the excitement of Woods or Mickelson, but to me, his professional, gentlemanly demeanor represents the very essence of the game of golf. (Im) Happy that he got his lifetime exemption; he's a great talent and totally deserves it.
The Comebacker
Well said. You get the sense that Bobby Jones, if he were still alive, would have been a big DL III fan.

Jim writes: Read your comments on Davis Love and I, for one, would love to see him in the Presidents Cup. Can you imagine the feeling that he would have, when reunited with his old golfing partner, Freddy Couples? If anyone deserves a break after some of the problems that they have encountered, I can think of nobody more deserving than Mr. Love.
The Comebacker
More love for Love.

Wichai writes: Two-piece range ball only 0.20 US$/ball. Orange color. Only 150,000 balls available. Minimum order 5,000 balls. CALL NOW.
The Comebacker
I guess my SPAM filters busted.

Sally writes: .Regarding sunflower seeds on the greens. That is also one of my (pet peeves) along with the famous cigarette butts, especially when there are bunkers on some of the holes were they could toss those butts. Who wants to clean up after a health issue like that? Better yet, don't smoke!! Or spit those things around anywhere. I used to be a smoker and not part of the smoker police, but I certainly would never have done that around the green areas. Fred Couples had it right at his course in San Juan Bautista: 'Please....No smoking on this course! It is beautiful and pristine. Let's keep it that way.' Now I have said my piece.
The Comebacker
And somewhere Charlie Sifford is grumbling at the notion of the no smoking on the golf course.

Doug writes: My last peeve: The Golf Channel moving their half hour Golf Central away from 7 p.m. It was a great slot. I've not watched it since it moved to a later time. Doesn't the Channel care if anyone watches it? I know I'm not alone. All my buddies used to watch and none do now. It was (perhaps still is) a great show and I miss it. No way to watch it now that it's in prime time and competing with movies and big time shows.
The Comebacker
Stay tuned.

Howard writes: My 'opposite of pet peeve' about golf: The fact that after 50 years of playing I can still sincerely convince myself that, This round may be the best round of my life every single time I step on the first tee. (It helps that I've never been all that good!).
The Comebacker
The only problem with the glass being half full is when you drink it all up, whats left?

Larry writes: Golf is the greatest game ever. I can't wait to get out and play or watch it on TV. Those little things that happen on the course or comments by commentators are all part of the game. For people to get annoyed I say, get over it! Enjoy the game. And blessed be those who created the Golf Channel. Wow! I'm loving it all.
The Comebacker
For Larry, the glass is completely full.

Kirk writes: The article in our local paper stated that Boo (Weekley) couldn't retire now, that he won't save $8 million due to the impending tax brackets being introduced by President-elect Barack Obama. Give me a break. This clown earns more than most do in a lifetime. I retired and it sure the hell wasn't on $8 million. These pro athletes (if thats what they are called) need to wake up and be thankful for the millions that they earn by playing a game that they enjoy. I wish I could earn millions playing at my local club. Regards, a semi-poor, retired man living on a company pension.
The Comebacker
Just think, Kirk, if Boo gave you a million and me a million, hed still have six million. And his tax bill would be smaller.

Barry writes: I love the sound of the ball in the hole, but the best sound in golf is the crack of the driver on ball from a heavily treed area on a narrow tee box!
The Comebacker
Especially in the titanium era.

Chris writes: The sound of a frosty adult beverage, preferably a Pacifico, hitting a chilled glass at the end of a round (good or bad).
The Comebacker Muy bien. And a large bowl of freshly-baked taco chips next to an equally large bowl of guacamole with kick.

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