No Captains Picks No Monty


The Comebacker is getting a lot of feedback on the Ryder Cup as the matches approach. In my mind, Ryder Cup theater is every bit as compelling as youll find in major championships.
Without further ado:
Robert writes: The more the back and forth about Ryder Cup selections the more I wish the top 12 in points would make it. The choices bring into it: Who knows when a player will start playing well or STOP playing well? Age or youth? Experience really an advantage when the experienced player hasn't really beaten anybody in a long time? Horses for courses? Take the top 12 and play them proportionately to their team ranking based on Ryder Cup points.
The Comebacker So Paul Azinger shouldnt pick a player not already on the team if that player wins a couple of FedExCup playoff events? Of course he should. The Playoffs are a boon to Azinger because nobody is playing especially well right now. But chances are somebody will get hot (or at least warm) in the Playoffs.

Terry writes: Great insight on Pettersson! With the Ryder Cup being played on a PGA TOUR setup at Valhalla he would be a great choice. Two of his wins have come on very difficult courses and he typically plays very well on tough set-ups. I'm sure he would team up well with one of the other Swedes on the team. Or maybe he can get a quick citizenship change and play for the U.S. Either way he should be participating next month!
The Comebacker Its a longshot. But if Pettersson stays hot for The Playoffs, Euro captain Nick Faldo cant ignore him as a pick. If he stays really hot, Pettersson can still play himself onto the Euro team by making the top 5 on the World Points list. Hes currently at No. 13 on that list.

WD writes: Regarding Phil and Bones, I heard a very interesting comment from Phil's mother. She stated that Phil is a free thinker and will do whatever he wants whenever he wants. When he was young they would ask him to turn right and he would go left; ask him to stop and he would go faster; ask him not to do something and he would do it. All I'm saying is Phil is a type of guy who is going to do whatever he wants on the golf course no matter who his caddie is. Bones is irreplaceable in my opinion. Who else would stay in that position with that type of boss? Change Phil's mind ' I think not!
The Comebacker Maybe what Bones should do is suggest Phil hit driver when he wants him to hit 3-wood and suggest Phil hit 3-wood when he wants him to hit driver. This strategy works for a lot of parents I know.

Derek writes: Where is all this hype regarding Monty coming from? The guy has had a dreadful year by anybody's standards and yet some people are still saying that Faldo should pick him. I suspect a lot of those people are Americans hoping to introduce a weakness to the European team. Apart from his game, Monty has had a torrid time in recent months in respect of his attitude and temper on the course and this would be brilliant for the American crowd as they have always been able to bring out the worst in Monty.(Which he tends to deserve.) Judging by some of the current comments being made, we will have calls being made for a captain's pick for Monty for the 2040 Ryder Cup ' assuming he isn't at the top of the Order of Merit.
The Comebacker If Faldo passes over Monty, he will be passing over the greatest European Ryder Cup player (Faldo and Ballesteros included) of all time.

Jerry writes: Finally, golf is enjoyable to watch again. There is some suspense each week about who is going to emerge, and we are getting to see the talent and character of some other players. I am tired of all Tiger all the time, and actually am watching tournament golf more!!!!
The Comebacker The ratings would argue that you are in the minority. The fans of good theater would agree with most of your opinion.

Dave writes: There was the usual giant amount of focus on whether or not Sergio (Garcia) would finally win a major (at the PGA). As nice as that would be for him, it still wouldn't do much for the Tour. What made the old Tour exciting was having four or five guys who had a legitimate shot to win each major, and who actually pulled it off more than once in a blue moon. Tiger is the new Jack, but Phil is not really the new Arnie, and there's no Gary or Lee or even Billy to really push the excitement and rooting interest to where it used to be. The Tiger /Phil rivalry was fun for about three years but is becoming a fast fading memory. Padraig (Harrington) is the first to step up to the plate in quite a while. If he can grab even one or two majors more in the next year or two, fan interest will definitely increase. As for Sergio, it's beginning to look like he will assume his role as the new Monty.
The Comebacker Am thinking Sergio probably wouldnt feel flattered in any way shape or form by being called the new Monty. Thats just a guess on my part.

Mark writes: There has been talk about putting golf in the Olympics. We already see golf every weekend, as well as baseball and basketball. Olympics should be about the things we never get a chance to see otherwise: discus, javelin, running, etc. We already have tournaments that determine the best athletes in the major sports ' professional as well as amateur. Leave the Olympics to the swimmers and gymnasts.
The Comebacker You forgot to mention the kayakers and the synchronized swimmers.

Michael writes: Padraig Harrington is a great golfer, a fine fellow, a great competitor and I hate to question his achievements in the last month, but when it comes to POY (Player of the Year) talk, there appears to be a large white elephant in the corner of the room that everyone prefers to ignore. Without wins in either of the recent majors Padraig Harrington is not even a remote candidate for POY. Up to this point in the season, his only claim to POY is the result of his back-to-back major wins. Were Padraig not to distinguish himself further for the rest of the season, there SHOULD be a problem making him POY for 2008.
The Comebacker Strangely mixed metaphor there, Michael ' white elephant in the corner of the room. But the fact remains that two majors trumps one. End of discussion. Am thinking Tiger might even cast his ballot for Harrington when the time comes.
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