A Penny For Your Thoughts


There is a lot of important golf left to be played on golfs big stages in the waning days of 2004. If you dont believe that, ask any player on any tour who finds himself on or near a money list bubble of any kind.
Did you know, by the way, that Jarrod Moseley of Australia missed getting his card on the European Tour last week by a stinking $17.29 American. Back to Q-School, Moseley. No soup for you!
But by and large, the volume has been turned down on the season. The major championships and the Ryder Cup have been staged and the results have been logged.
Now is more of an introspective time of the year in golf. Which is where you, the readers come in. I want to know your answers to a select but eclectic group of 18 questions. They are:
1. If you could play golf with any three people, living or deceased, who would they be (non-golf people are eligible here)?
2. Who is your favorite golf course architect?
3. What is your favorite golf hole in the world?
4. What is your favorite generic hole (first, fifth, ninth, 18th'pick one)?
5. Who will the No. 1 ranked players, male and female, in the world be at the end of 2005?
6. Whats the best post-golf meal (pick an entre)?
7. Who is the most underrated player in golf?
8. Who would you pick for the 2006 U.S. Ryder Cup team captain?
9. Will Michelle Wie win more or less than 10 LPGA majors.
10. Who should be the first female member at Augusta National?
11. Will Michelle Wie win a PGA Tour event in her lifetime?
12. If you could play any course in the world tomorrow and money or geography was not an issue, what course would it be.
13. What is your favorite post-round drink (pick one)?
14. Whats your favorite golf tip?
15. Who is the best player who ever lived?
16. Whats your favorite golf book of all time?
17. Is Tiger Woods better at golf than Michael Jordan was at basketball?
18. Should golf be in the Olympics?
Heres the catch. Answers must be 10 words or less or they will not be counted. And they must be submitted prior to November 1 to be counted. You dont have to answer all the questions, but, please, one ballot to a customer. I will tabulate the results and publish them, along with appropriate editorial comment, in a subsequent column in this space in the near future.
Happy voting.
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