In Phils Wake


No, not that kind of wake. Despite his meltdown at Winged Foot, Phil Mickelson is very much alive and will live to fight another day.
But in the wake of his shocking demise at the U.S. Open earlier this month, a nerve has been struck. I wrote a column on this website saying Mickelson was not an idiot even though thats what he said he was after double bogeying the 72nd hole in New York and losing to winner Geoff Ogilvy by one shot.
More than 600 of you responded with E-mails that were more like mini-blogs. People had a lot to get off their respective chests.
A few samples: I believe there is something no one has touched on, regarding Phil. I have watched the replay several times. I think it is his poor conditioning that caused his demise.He is in terrible physical condition.
Comment: Sounds suspiciously like a jealous Tiger fan.
Perhaps, in the end, its simply the nature of golf. Similar to the story of the scorpion who asks the frog for a lift across the river. The frog replied, How do I know you wont sting me? The scorpion said, If I sting you, then you will drown and I will drown with you. The frog agreed to give the scorpion a lift. Halfway across the river, the scorpion stung the frog. When the frog asked why, the scorpion replied, Im a scorpion, its my nature.
Comment: But it was RIVET-ing to watch.
As Forrest Gump said, Stupid is as Stupid doesWho is to say that he wouldnt have duck-hooked a four iron in an attempt to coast home on 18 Sunday afternoon?
Comment: Frogs, ducks, Tigers..what a zoo.
Where was Bones (Phils caddie Jim Mackay) in all of this. He knows Phil best.Bones didnt say anything.
Comment: It is not the nature of Phils relationship with Bones that the caddie talks the player off of club selections. Bones is more valuable to Phil around he greens.
You are an idiot.
Comment: Yeah, but what does that have to do with Phil Mickelson?
It was nothing more than a brain lock.
Comment: And just because you have a brain lock doesnt automatically qualify you for idiocy.
.but for now, yes, he is an idiot.
Comment: No.
Like you said, Phil is not an idiot.
Comment: Yes.
What is it about this man that has everyone fooled?
Comment: Looks to me like Phil fooled himself at the worst possible time.
Phil lost his head on the 18th hole. Thats a bad thing because your head is where your brains are.
Comment: And your bag is where your 4-wood is.
I guess he was just in a charitable gift giving mood. Hence the definition: Phil-Anthropic.
Comment: Lexicographers take note.
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