Praise Padraig Break Bones


The Comebacker is all over the map this week, but most roads lead back to Padraig Harrington. I loved the suggestion that if Padraig wins the next two majors we shouldnt call it the Paddy Slam; we should call it The Four Leaf Clover.
Without further ado:
Tony writes: After reading your article about Padraig, I cannot tell you how happy I am for him and the game of golf. What an outstanding individual. I have been impressed with his game for some time; now to find out what outstanding character he has is impressive. Passing up the book payday to help cancer research is heart warming. Could there be something to this 'karma' thing after all? Proud to have a little Irish blood in me.
The Comebacker Harrington has continued to mature on and off the golf course every year since turning professional. There are a few players who would do well to pay attention to this process.

Don writes: Nick (Faldo) is making a huge mistake if he doesn't take Monty. He, along with Seve and Faldo, have been the heart and soul of Euro golf for twenty years.
The Comebacker Couldnt agree more. Interesting isnt it how Monty never won a major or in the States yet managed to be such a stalwart in Ryder Cup play.

Brandt writes: I really think the pair of 66s (by Harrington) on the weekend are the unbelievable story for this PGA. Only (Andres)Romero beat him on Saturday (third round Sunday) and Boo (Weekley) tied him on Sunday. Even with that his was really 132 (strokes) in one day on what many players said was the toughest course of the majors this year. It maybe some time before we see that again. The Americans are going to have their hands full again for the Ryder Cup when they get here in Louisville next month. We can only hope that the four players Azinger picks are playing red hot these next four to six weeks.'
The Comebacker A lot of people have conveniently forgotten that Steve Flesch, who had a top-10 at Oakland Hills, has a lot of Kentucky in him. Dont be surprised if he gets a call as a captains pick. Flesch finished two ahead of the other lefty (Mickelson) at the PGA.

Steve writes: I understand you accumulate points in order to qualify for the Ryder Cup. Having said that, however, having Kenny Perry on the U.S. Ryder Cup team is dead wrong. (He) refused to go compete at the Open Championship (and) did not want to compete at the U.S. Open in order to build his U.S. Ryder Cup points. This guy does not deserve to be on the U.S. Ryder Cup team. We can debate this for months but the facts speak for themselves. Paul Azinger's hands are tied. Too bad!'
The Comebacker You, sir, are dead wrong. There has been no indication that Azinger has a problem with Perrys No. 1 priority in 2008 being making Azingers team.

Andre writes: I find it interesting that in Tiger's absence golf writers and anti-Tiger fans are constantly proclaiming that golf is fine without him. It might be fine, but for me, it just isn't as much fun to watch. Although I will admit if it were Tiger and not Harrington that had pulled off the quad 6s in the final two rounds to win the tournament I probably would be saying how great it was myself. Unfortunately I've decided that Sundays are now a golfing day and not a golf watching day. Kudos to Harrington. Although it is very interesting that in both tournaments the leaders went backwards except Harrington. This is really where Tiger separates himself from the rest of the golfers on Tour. He rarely goes backwards on Sunday. Maybe it's not just the Tiger Pressure that gets to guys like Sergio and Phil. Maybe they're just not clutch players.
The Comebacker Tiger aint coming back any time soon. Time to move on, big fella.

KC writes: I just had a comment on you not being sure if Tiger will play in the Olympics. You should know better than that! Tiger will not allow someone else to win the first golf gold medal. Once that's done youre right, he may never play again. Tiger is all about goals and records. Just like I knew he would win the U.S. Open. I knew he would have to win the first Open on Fathers Day as a father. There is no way Tiger will not grab that first gold. We just have to hope he doesn't play for the Taiwanese team out of respect for his mom.
The Comebacker For starters, I believe Tigers mother, Kultida, is Thai. Second, I still think it will be a cold day in Windermere before winning a gold medal shows up on Tigers radar screen.

Martin writes: Let me get this right, Nancy Lopez has to stop taking a physician-prescribed blood pressure medication to avoid being in violation of the LPGAs drug policy? How stupid is that! I suppose if you are on a drug that keeps you alive when you would otherwise be dead, that constitutes a performance-enhancing effect? It is absurd than any player would have to put their health at risk to play in a tournament.
The Comebacker The people who dont want golf in the Olympics are cheering at Martins e-mail.

Sam writes: It is hard for me to believe that no writer is directing scrutiny towards Phil's caddie, Bones. He was the only person on Earth that could (and should) have slapped Phil silly over club selection at Winged Foot. And we just witnessed nearly the same thing again. It should never have happened. In New York, Bones should have made the highlight films instead of Phil by refusing to hand over the driver.
The Comebacker Bones isnt hitting the shots. Its that simple.

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