Readers Speak Out on Tigers Caddie


Once again a nerve has been struck. Actually, thats an understatement.
This time tongues are wagging about the controversy still raging over the behavior of Tiger Woods caddie, Steve Williams at last weeks U.S. Open in New York.
Among other things, Williams unilaterally confiscated a camera during the final round. Since then, the E-mails have been pouring in at a remarkable rate. Most of them are critical of Williams. Some defend him. The ratio is approximately 9-1 against Williams.
Without further ado, here is a representative sampling with an attempt to reflect that ratio:
From Rick Peterson in Canada: ..Steve Williams, Tiger Woods caddie is out of control..Who does this guy think he is?..Sooner or later hes going to do that to a camera man and the camera man or someone else will react violently.
From Marjorie Taylor: I have written to Tiger to ask Stevie to cool down.
From Tony Kay: If security is unable to stop idiots from sneaking cameras and taking pictures, then bravo to Mr. Williams for coming to the aid of his player.
From Rob Marson: ..Steve is protecting his boss. And while he is not a body guard, preventing disruptive behavior is part of the job.
From Tony Donlin in Texas: I think what Williams did is way beyond ridiculous.
From James Higginbotham: ..He (Williams) has no right to confiscate that camera. If I were the owner, there would be hell to pay.
From Helen Austin in Massachusetts: ..I personally look forward to the day when he (Williams) has to pay for those transgressions.He has become every bit as arrogant as his boss.
From Steve Barnett: ..He (Williams) seems to be more churlish every day--do you think hes the one giving Tiger swing tips that are a bit off?
From Jeff Porter: ..He (Williams) will learn the day someone has his --- arrested for assault and battery and he is led away to jail in handcuffs in the middle of a round.
From Louis Morfe: ..Just send Steve back to New Zealand, but New Zealand might be too beautiful as a place for banishment.
From Paul Rudovsky: ..It seems very clear that the cameraman was absolutely wrong for taking a shot at close range while Tiger was at address or setting up for address.
From John Weimer in North Carolina: Ive heard from people who worked the Wachovia that he (Williams) was someone you just wanted to avoid.
From Jessey Lopez: ..This guy (Williams) is getting out of hand and it makes Tiger look bad..he could lose a lot of fans that otherwise pull for him every time hes on the course.
From Dave Bryden in Wyoming: ..Cut him (Williams) some slack. Taking responsibility for his bosss well-being may not be his sole responsibility but there is nothing wrong with showing a little strength or being forceful in the heat of the moment. What would you do if a FAN was a problem in your office?
From John J. Kane: ..His (Williams) behavior is childish and sullen.
I do not condone violence and certainly dont see any place for fisticuffs on the golf course. But this final selected E-mail, from Ken Alfrey, is my favorite because of the uncompromising way he looks at the issue from both sides.
From Ken Alfrey: I would hope that I was never thoughtless enough to click a camera during a players backswing, and Steve Williams is to be commended for protecting his meal ticket boss. However, if he were to demand the surrender of my camera on his say so, he would find himself wearing my fist on his nose.
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