Reading and Writing


The readers write (mostly about Tiger) and the writer reads:
Ann from North Carolina writes: I am a HUGE TIGER FAN..Your analysis of Tiger and his game is extremely thoughtful on your part and quite well written.
Response: They like me. They really like me.
Karl writes: You can enjoy and praise Woods all you want.I for one have seen him up close every year at the Mercedes and find a whole lot left to be desired. I agree that his ball striking is amazinghowever his outburst (sic) and total disgust of fans coupled with his sucking up to the media is something I will not misstherefore I will tune out the coming year once again.
Response: I missed the part where Tiger sucks up to the media.
Richard from San Diego writes: Tiger is killing more weeks than Jack did in the 70s. The only chance the golf fans have for any type of life in the next decade is if he plays less and less. The internet is just slightly more demonic than golf is when Tiger is playing. Its addicting to all of us. The only chance we have out here is if the powers to be force them to play under the lights.
Response: He hits it so high. If Tiger played under the lights, wed never see the golf ball. Kind of like watching hockey on TV. Lots of people say you never see the puck.
Frederick writes: Tiger has the competitive desire in each and every tournament and appears even more so at the majors.
Response: Ya think?
Carolyn writes: I think you are right on about Tiger!!! Win, loose (sic) or draw there is not another player at this time to compare to the excitement Tiger produces on the golf course!!! I hope he breaks all the records possible and maybe that will inspire another to do the same.
Response: Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are the two athletes, in my lifetime, about whom I find it most difficult to imagine any future athletes matching.
Bill writes: I see Tiger almost leaving golf at about 40 after he has broken all the records and working more closely with his foundationwe are very lucky to have himand he will do bigger things
Response: We are very lucky to have him. He is very lucky to have us.
Joel from Iowa writes: How about focusing on the competitiveness and mental toughness the rest of the Tour is required to have to face off with Tiger?
Response: As Jethro Bodine once said on The Beverly Hillbillies when asked about thinking by Uncle Jed: It hurts..Think about it.
Larry writes: How can Mickelsons sponsors (Ford, Bearing Point, Callaway), who pay him millions, allow him to not play in the Tour Championship'an elite field with maximum exposure? It should be in their sponsorship contract. Doesnt say much for their business sense!
Response: Cant help but think of the line about blaming the Johnstown Flood on a leaky faucet in Altoona.
Christian writes: But, sadly, the Tour needs Tiger to be at the top of the leaderboard every Sunday.
Response: The Tour would gladly settle for Woods on the first page of the leaderboard every Sunday.
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