Ride Boo Ride


The Comebacker is feeling a little snarky today. So look out below.
Without further ado:
Alex writes Sad, I was hoping (Paul) Azinger's Ryder Cup regret would be telling the crowd to cheer for Europe's missed putts or controlling Boo's tacky behaviour.
The Comebacker This is in response to a column in which Azinger said his lone regret at Valhalla was not being on the tee box at the Friday afternoon fourball match in which Boo Weekley and J.B. Holmes both hit drives in the water, allowing the Euros to escape with a halved match. Me thinks Alex is a Euro. The tip-off? Notice the way he spells behavior.

R.W. writes That guy (Boo Weekley) is the worst thing to happen on the PGA Tour. He is an embarrassment to the history and tradition of this great sport.
The Comebacker
Wrong. If there were more Boo Weekleys on golfs landscape, the history and tradition of this great sport would richer and more colorful for it. Ride, Boo, ride.

Norman writes It's a shame to see the talents of John Daly not being used to the fullest. His talent is obvious; the demons too much to overcome, I guess. John, I wish you well! Please get it together, man!
The Comebacker
Almost all of us wish John Daly would get it together, man. But it looks, more and more, like we might be waiting a long time.

Warren writes Every time they have a tournament somebody will win it. I haven't seen the type of long term consistent play that makes me believe that the landscape of PGA (Tour) golf will change next year ' assuming that Tiger Woods returns at 75 percent of his previous performance level or more.
The Comebacker
Love your first sentence, bro. You have a tenacious grasp of the obvious.

Thomas writes I think you should stay out of politics, but if you dont you should at least be balanced. Everyone talks about (Sarah) Palins inexperience but no one mentions the top of the Democrat ticket being a man with LESS experience than she has. He was in the Senate for TWO years, but somehow he is okay and she is not? Shame on you!
The Comebacker
Have you heard of the great new golf course ' Bridge To Nowhere CC? It is, as you might imagine, not very linksy.

Dianne writes I do hope you are wrong about Tigers maybe not playing until the U.S. Open, but I do also worry that what if he comes back too soon and does more damage which would mean he would be out longer or, God forbid, he would do serious damage that could be career ending? I am a HUGE Tiger fan and miss him terribly, but I hope in the end he will do what is best for him and his career. But it sure feels like he has been gone forever. Oh, and those young guns had better keep watching their backs because when he does come back ' the game will be on!!!
The Comebacker
Tigers return will be terrific, yes, on that point we can all agree. But it will only be terrific if it doesnt turn out to be too soon.

Vernon writes While watching Michelle Wie suffer over the past two years, I have noticed that much of her problems occur on her drives. Last year, she had the excuse of having broken wrists; this year she still was having problems finding the fairways on her drives. Since David Leadbetter is supposed to be such a good swing instructor, why can't he straighten out her drives? I am sure he is getting enough compensation. What is he doing to earn it? I would appreciate knowing if you know or can find out.
The Comebacker
Leadbetter has earned the right to look at Michelles problem from the other direction: Imagine how far off line her drives would be if she did NOT have Leadbetter around to correct her problems.

Micheal writes We are excited to send this e-mail to you for promoting our newest mirror finish, surf vacuum flask. This flask not only has (a) magic attractive nice design, but also (is) made (with) best quality material, highest grade technology. It was originally developed for Korean market.
The Comebacker
Hmmmm, a flask I think Im going to have to pass this concept on to my good friend, the Golf Guy.

Vernon writes It has been a pleasure to watch more golf since Tiger Woods is not there. You do not keep seeing replay after replay of his swing and gushing of the announcers. Now, we get to see other good players perform. Maybe Woods should just stay home and count his money. He has a new (child) coming and he could just babysit.
The Comebacker
If Woods stays home, Im writing to Secretary Paulson asking for some of that $700 billion bailout money.

Edward writes What in the world was Lee Westwood thinking when he told Kelly Tilghman that the crowd 'abused' him? I refereed youth soccer for 15 years, and if there is one thing as certain as death and taxes it is that, once the crowd knows you hear them, they will ramp up the volume exponentially. Lee needs to find a good ear transplant surgeon immediately and replace his rabbit ears with tin ears. Otherwise, he risks becoming the next Colin Montgomerie. It will be interesting to see what happens next time he plays in the U.S.
The Comebacker

Garry writes There can be no doubts at all about Danny Lee's phenomenal talent. I have no idea as to whether he arrived at his decision to remain amateur for the time being on his own, but I suspect his mother may have had something to do with it. If so, she is to be congratulated! Keep the financial predators away for at least a year and let us see whether the lad has it in him to become a latter day Bobby Jones. Golf needs a breath of fresh Corinthian air!
The Comebacker
And, as Ricardo Montalban might add, some fine Corinthian leather, too.

Tod writes Just a thought, but how in the world does Camilo (Villegas) win two playoff tournaments including the ultimate Tour Championship and not win the FedEx Cup? I did some quick math and despite missing the cut in the first, he won over $200,000 more than Vijay in the four playoff events. The system theyre using is definitely flawed.
The Comebacker
Ya think?

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