Ryder Cup Anger


The Ryder Cup hit a nerve. Oh, did it hit a nerve.
I wrote a column, suggesting solutions to the American problems in recent Ryder Cup matches. It was posted Monday. Within 24 hours, more than 500 e-mail responses poured in and they are still coming.
Seems everybody has an opinion. A lot of them are not nice. Oh, did the Ryder Cup hit a nerve.
What follows are selected excerpts from the readers. Warning: lots of people are lots of angry.
From Wayne in Halifax: Put a muzzle on Johnny Miller. The guy is depressing. Did I say that? Im not the only one.
Comment: Whatever happened to the green light special?'
From Terry in England: Drop Tiger. He can only play for Tiger not anyone or anything else.Invade Europe and make it another state.'
Comment: But then wed have to elect two more Senators.
From Al: Make the course all par 5s so that Phil can make a birdie.
Comment: But there wouldnt be any holes-in-one.
From Robert: Have the captain tell the players that the only time both players should read a putt is when the putter asks for help.'
Comment: Maybe we could implant directional microchips into the golf ball.
From George: Confront Sergio when hes a jerk. Nothing motivates players more than holding your opponent accountable for being smarmy. Dont stew about it, get into his face. It will throw him off his game.
Comment: Sweet thought.
From Meg in Milwaukee: Our boys need to read The Little Engine That Could. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. They need to read it and believe it, trust themselves and enjoy the moment.
Comment: Which came first in golf: Fun or the made 10-foot putt?
From Landis: Make Johnny Miller the captain over the next 10 years.
Comment: For which team?
From Frank in Rancho Mirage: Maybe the Ryder Cup could turn into the biggest money game in the world. Maybe Phil would show up!
Comment: And play it at Bighorn.
From Stephen: Not sure if everyone caught Sergios comment during the post-tournament press conference: 'Its sweet beating the Americans.' If this isnt motivational, we are beyond help.
Comment: Sergio Garcia: Americas Most Wanted.
From Jimmy: I wish someone like Jack Nicklaus would be captain.
Comment: There is no one like Jack Nicklaus. Except Jack Nicklaus.
From Steve in Orlando: In addition to allowing the Captain to make his Captains picks, also allow the Captain to UNCHOOSE up to two picks who have earned points to be on the team. I realize this is really radical and probably unfair.But players such as Phil Mickelson, for whatever reason, cannot and do not play well in this event.
Comment: I like this one ... Maybe hire Donald Trump as a vice-captain.
From Joe: Our guys, just like the CEOs they emulate, are aloof, overly paid loners.
Comment: Actually I think a lot of CEOs would rather be professional golfers.
From Yvette: The top five makes the teamCaptain picks five members.Top five get to pick remaining two members.
Comment: And be forced to reveal their ballots.
From Wade in Houston: Give me Hal Sutton any day. He clearly took some chances and ended up no worse than Lehman.
Comment: This idea is stronger than new rope.
From George: Assign points based on finishes but subtract points for finishes below 25th.
Comment: Non-grinders need not apply.
From Jonathan: Once the team is picked the team members need to go to a 10-day military type Ryder Cup boot camp.
Comment: Would those be FootJoy boots or Nike boots?
From Vince: I hope that every event that he (Garcia) plays in our country from now on he misses the cut and gets booed out of each PGA town, Send him a case of mustard to spread on himself and give him his own personal emergency medical team at each major for when he chokes!!!
Comment: Yo, Vince: Guldens brown or Frenchs yellow?
From Kriss in California: Get the American team out of funeral clothes and into snappy, colorful clothes that fit. The sweaters rode up and looked inexpensive.
Comment: Marty Hackel for next U.S. captain.
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