Scott Masingill Goes Nuts


Scott Masingill shared the lead Sunday after five rounds of the Champions Tour National Qualifying Tournament.
Not many casual observers know who Scott Masingill is.
My plan tomorrow will be to just go to the first tee and take it one shot at a time and not look ahead too much, Masingill said late Sunday.
I know Masingill for what he really is.
Masingill is a golf nut. Certified. Card-carrying.
I know this because I wrote the book. Actually I co-wrote the book'titled Golf Nuts, Youve Got To Be Committed.--back in 2002, with Ron Garland.
Garland is the head of The Golf Nuts Society. Masingills member number is #0047. And, Garland concedes, hes probably the best player in the
On page 33 of the book, Masingill is quoted as saying: I knew I had the right society the minute I read the entrance exam. All of the things that I was thinking that bordered on insanity were down in black and white. I felt like someone had gotten into the recesses of my brain and picked out the information. I was hooked on the society at that moment.
And now Masingill is about to be turned loose on the Champions Tour. Look out Dana Quigley. Golf Nuts make your passion for the game look like a mild interest.
Masingill is something of an ex-urban legend in his home state of Idaho and he respects Garland, the self-anointed Head Nut, almost as much as Garland respects him. Garland changes equipment more than I change underwear, Masingill said in the book. In Idaho that is once a week. He also changes his swing every day and looks the same as it did in 1980. Perfect.
According to Garland, years ago when Masingill was informed he needed corrective surgery on his wrists, he flew to Los Angeles and directed famed orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Kerlan, to design and rebuild his wrists specifically for golf.
This was Masingills fifth trip to Champions Tour Q School. His previous best finish was a tie for 30th two years ago.
Now the hopes and dreams of an entire society are resting on his shoulders.
My guess is that anybody who has gotten this far into this column has a little golf nut in them.
In the preface to the book I wrote, Caddyshack (the movie) captured something all of us in golf knew existed but hadnt figured out how to express, This book about the Golf Nuts Society is a similar attempt. It is an attempt to be good at what it is trying to do. And it is an attempt to show the people who love golf to a fault that they really arent so strange after all. The golf nuts you will read about in this book exist in the sports twilight zone. But are they so very different in their passions for the game than you and me?
Part of the idea of the society and the book was to show the world that being a golf nut didnt have to mean you stood around in bad pants telling worse jokes.
Scott Masingill can flat play. Garland was a former state amateur champion in Oregon. Michael Jordan is a member of the Golf Nuts Society. Yes, THAT Michael Jordan.
Now that the heavy lifting appears to be over for Masingill, my only advice is this: Change your underwear more than once a week. There might even be a Fruit of the Loom endorsement deal in this for you.
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