Set It On Vibrate Please


The Comebacker is geeked for The Masters. And he is looking to make next weeks edition an all-Masters related Comebacker.
So save up your best stuff and let it fly starting Monday in the wake of the conclusion of Sundays toonamint.
Meanwhile, we clean up a few comebacking odds and ends here as we anxiously await the denouement of the years first major.
Earl writes:My Grandson slipped his cell phone into a practice round at the Masters and was caught using it and he was asked to leave plus they took his ticket and escorted him off the course. Why not do the same with people with cameras? I chose to go with him so I am well aware of the events.
The Comebacker I believe they do do the same for people with cameras. Let me check with Stevie on this and get back to you.

George writes:I think Jerry Seinfeld expressed displeasure on his hit show Seinfeld without using foul language..Whenever I hit a bad shot or feel the need to use profanity, I just say 'Newman' in a condescending and nasty tone.
The Comebacker Matt Kuchar, back when he was at Georgia Tech, would say, Cornbread when he hit a bad shot. Maybe Tiger could just say, Phil or Vijay or Rory to let off steam.

Steve writes: Just a mini rant here. When a player hits a spectator with his errant shot the player usually walks over and says sorry and tosses them his golf ball. That is totally lame. The classiest thing to do is to copy Greg Norman. I was watching a Canadian Skins game a few years ago when Greg sprayed his tee shot into the gallery. Not only did he go over to apologize, he instructed his caddie to get the guys address so he could send him a golf shirt, hat and a dozen balls. I know this because Greg was miked at the time. Not only was this a total class act it was the right thing to do.
The Comebacker For some reason, a lot of people have felt the need to dump on Norman over the years for slights, real or imagined. Its nice to hear a feel good story about The Shark.

Bob writes:Tiger Woods needs to rise to two levels. Who could question the reality he may very well be the best golfer who ever lived and that's made him an American icon? But with that comes a far greater responsibility, especially as a man of color who has successfully shattered so many race barriers. For Tiger, nothing could be more important than to seal his image as a great champion, and that requires the inclusion of demeanor and character. Golf, in itself, is the athletic definition of frustration and those past champions who have displayed grace, class and sportsmanship are the ones who are now most endeared. Tiger's role in American history has no room for character flaws. And, anything less than perfection, concerning manners and conduct, will be perceived in the harshest manner. It's time for Tiger to realize his quest to be technically perfect needs to be paired with near perfect personal characteristics in order to survive intense media scrutiny. Simply being the world's greatest golfer will not be enough.
The Comebacker We salute Bobs articulation and eloquence. We pick one nit, however: Saying, Tigers role in American history has no room for character flaws. First of all, Tiger hasnt announced his candidacy for President yet. Secondly, there have been plenty of American Presidents with plenty of character flaws.

Hiro writes:Is it just me, or is everyone ignoring the potential here with Lorena Ochoa? When Tiger wins two majors in a row there's the talk of another Tiger Slam and maybe even a sweep in same season. But Lorena Ochoa is silently showing dominance over everyone else (with no one really in contention, or closing the leadership gap). And there's hardly any talk of a 'Tiger' Slam? Is she just too nice and quiet a person for anyone to root her on? Is the LPGA just too boring for anyone to care (imagine if Tiger didn't have the Phils and the Vijays and the Geoffs)? I think if Annika or Paula Creamer were in this same position, things would be a little different. It's sad. Ochoa is about as dominant as anyone else in sports in their league right now and she's being ignored. The saddest thing is I'm personally not too excited by the prospect of a LPGA dominant player either. LPGA was interesting to me because at any time, anyone could win. It's not like watching the PGA (for unknown reason)... where it's the coolest thing to have a Tiger around. Your thoughts on why? Marketing problem with LPGA?
The Comebacker Lorena is not boring to me. If she wins the next womens major, you will see a marketing campaign by the LPGA and a media awareness the likes of which we havent witnessed in womens golf in a long time. Finally this: Dominant players never bother The Comebacker.
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