Spice Up the Skins Game


THE COMEBACKER starts out this weeks post with an e-mail regarding my suggestion earlier this week that the people who run the LG Skins Game suspend the qualifying standards this year and opt, instead, to invite the captains'Nick Faldo, Paul Azinger, Greg Norman and Fred Couples.
Without further ado:
Ed writes: Wow, what a great concept! I concur. It would energize what has become a rather routine, mundane event. Since I am a rabid golfer, I will watch just about anything pertaining to golf.
The Comebacker
For the record, I am in no way related to Ed.

Roy writes: I think you may be right about Tiger being a little jealous of Phils win at Riviera..Maybe Phils win will entice Tiger to play next year. Keep your fingers crossed. It should be fun.
The Comebacker
Tiger loves bulletin board material. Keep it coming.

A different Ed writes: I have a simple solution for next year: If Tiger reaches the semis (of the match play) he will play against the best ball of the other three for the 36-hole final
The ComebackerTwo related thoughts in response: First, Im not sure this would be a fair fight. Second, Tiger would be favored.

Andrew writes: I think it is interesting to watch and listen to Tiger reflect..I think were witnessing the evolution of the man. Son. Husband. Father. Philosopher.
The Comebacker
Socrates in golf shoes.

Code writes: As much as it is not politically or event proper to say it, Boo Weekley is a complete embarrassment to Western Civilization. I believe he gets favorable press because people can not believe someone can actually be that ignorant about the world they live in. He reflects very poorly on the American educational system.
The ComebackerAnother two-part response: First, I have never heard Boo swear on a golf course. Second, Boo has never been asked to appear before a Congressional committee.

John writes: It really makes no difference whether Tiger is on his way to the hill, on top of the hill or going down the other side of the hill. Tiger OWNS the hill and he shares it with us every time he plays in a tournament. I am 79 years old and have played golf for over 50 years but have enjoyed it more since watching Tiger play. He has helped me set a new goal; I am going to shoot my age if I have to live to be 100. Keep it up Tiger. We need you.
The Comebacker Makes me wonder if there is a record for the youngest player ever to shoot his age. Anybody out there know?

Byron writes: Im sorry Brian but I dont buy this good old country boy act that Boo is cultivating. I think hes laughing all the way to the bank on this one. No one in the game today who is so skilled could possibly be that stupid or uninformed that he doesnt know you can concede putts in match play. Boo is crazy like a fox.
The ComebackerAnd Sam Snead, another country boy, would have loved to have had Weekley on his Ryder Cup team. You may remember, Snead didnt much like conceding putts.

Ralph writes: As a diehard Phil fan I will note that he did better the first two days at Matchplay (scoring wise) than Tiger did. The nine birdie buzz saw from Stu Appleby did him in early. Of course thats match play
The Comebacker
Somewhere Peter OMalley is chuckling quietly to himself.

Andre writes:.If playing aggressive produces more birdies, why not do it all the time?....
The Comebacker
Because you might wind up with an 11 like Phil did at No. 14 at Pebble Beach.

Brian writes: Ever since he wore red against Tiger (at the 2006 PGA Championship in the final round) Luke Donald hasnt won anywhere..
The Comebacker
This just in: Luke Donald shoots 64 for early lead at Honda Classic.

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