Tiger and His Potty Mouth


The Comebacker can not ignore the volume of response to the subject of whether Tiger Woods use of profanity on the golf course is acceptable or not.
Couple of points here: To those of you put off by Tigers outbursts, hes recovering from surgery, you wont have to hear him swearing for a while.
To those of you who excuse him those outbursts, Ill give you this: Because Woods is never far from a camera and a mike when hes playing, every word gets on the air. Believe me, there are other players on the PGA TOUR who can make Tiger sound like Mary Poppins.
Three things: Tigers a good guy. Hes a human being. And I wouldnt want my daughter to hear bad language from any athlete if she was at a professional sporting event.
Finally, I repeat: This will all go away when Tigers daughter gets old enough to want to know why her father says the occasional bad word on the golf course.
Without further ado:
Anderson writes: You people are such prudes, do you think no other golfers curse once in a while, its just that Tiger is on camera a lot so the odds of hearing a bad word are greater. Get off your high horses. Babe Ruth is treated like a god, yet he was a boozer and womanizer, Elvis a druggie. If a few bad words are going to ruin your kids, you're probably not doing a good job of parenting; they probably see and hear much worse at school anyway.
The Comebacker
Never really imagined Elvis Presley getting dragged into this column.

Jim writes: The best thing you said in that article was 'enough about Wie.' Aren't you sick and tired of hearing the same old excuses from her? She sounds just like last year'i.e.: to paraphrase----It was just a matter of a few putts----there's a fine line between 81 and 69----I just have to make an adjustment and I'll win next week---and on and on. The truth is she can't compete with today's LPGA members. She has raw talent but she makes bad strategic decisions and is only an average putter at best. That combination will prevent her from attaining the level of an Ochoa or Sorenstam or Kerr or Creamer. Besides that, she's still a self-centered brat having yet to apologize for what she did at Annika's tournament last year and insisting that she did nothing wrong.
The Comebacker
I actually do think Michelle Wie will win one day on the LPGA. She needs a more regular schedule. Too many stops and starts in her season.
Kendall writes: Thank goodness it's your job to sift through all this negativity about Tigers' knee, Tiger's language, various announcers comments, and whether or not golfers are real athletes. As for me, I'm thinking that, at least for the rest of the year, the LPGA has lots of drama, skills galoreand, well better looking players than the PGA! By the way... Kelly, Nick, You, Brandel, Frank, Feherty, Stephanie Sparks... what an amazing, talented crew. Oh, and Inga, too. And Oosty, and Kraig, and Steve and Casey, and Vince, and Rich... (Nice closing journals, Rich), Mike Ritz... (Who I think has the best job in golf... following the gals around), and Stina (Good God, is she single?).anyways as a 25 year radio broadcast vet, I can truly say you all do an awesome job! Keep it up!
The Comebacker
Thanks for the kind words. The crew appreciates it.

Shane writes: Am I the only one that is astonished by how many golf fans come at Tiger for his cursing? Have they ever been on a golf course? The fact of the matter is that Tiger is the only golfer that has ALL of his shots broadcast on television. Of course you are not going to see the other guys curse when the only shots you see are the ones that are hit tight. Maybe people could think before they speak too much to ask? I also want to say that the guy who said Tiger is not a good role model for children should go find the highest cliff overlooking the sharpest rocks and step off. Great work ethic, strong moral values, a charitable heart and a strong competitive drive. Yeah hes right, Im sure the world would be better off with video game playing, self indulgent, lazy bums as long as they dont curse.
The Comebacker
Look out below.

William writes: Tiger? -great game, great mind for the game, never quits, foul mouth. Phil?-great game, interesting mind for the game, sometimes quits before the tournament is over, good with people. Both seem to treasure their families-very good. For all of us, we are humans and need to work on a few things in our lives.
The Comebacker
We are the world.

Harold writes: When someone writes that Tiger is no role model, maybe they should ask those thousands of kids that he has made it possible for them to become better persons. He has given back more than any pro golfer in the last 50 years or forever as far as that goes.
The Comebacker
We could do a lot worse than to have Tiger decide, one day, that he wants to run for public office.

Chad writes: Not only is Tiger the best golfer ever; hes also a great athlete. He demands perfection of himself. That explains why he gets so upset after a subpar shot. I would venture to say that 80% of professional golfers curse after a few bad shots. They just dont get aired on T.V. I dont think Tigers goal is to be a role model. Its simply to win 19 majors and it will happen soon. Remember this is Tigers world and were just lucky enough to be living in it.
The Comebacker
Tigers got a lot to be thankful for as well.

Jim writes: Woody Austin is an immature clownthe type of clown who isnt funny. He may be better off acting more in control of himself. Granted the swim mask gimmick was funny, but it seems like he is trying too hard to be a comedian and less concerned with acting like a player at the highest level of his professional sport. (How would Michael Jordan look pulling these antics after clanking one off the rim?). Dudes got game. Unfortunately he acts like a moron.
The Comebacker
Woody Austin is honest which, in my opinion, makes up for a lot. It is also my opinion that he is not a moron. A buffoon occasionally, yes. But not a moron.

Steven writes: Inbee Park had such calm demeanor during her final round. She did not let bad shots get her down. That was Paula Creamer's downfall. Paula could not handle the pressure being in the last round and in the final group of a major. I believe she will win a major in the near future but she must learn how to deal with the extra pressure and stress. Inbee's short game was fabulous that spoke volumes to all golfers to spend more time in the putting and chipping greens, not just pounding balls in the range.
The Comebacker
Paula Creamer, if she doesnt win a major in the next year or two, will become the Sergio Garcia of womens golf.

Danny writes: I am very disappointed with Kenny Perrys decisions to not attempt to qualify for our countrys Championship, and now comes news he wont play in the British. Whats up with Kenny? Im sorry, but I cant understand how a PGA Tour member who is ranked in the Top 20 can pass up a Major. Kenny Perrys reasoning about making the Ryder Cup at this time in the season seems questionable. What better way to make it than to play the British with a legitimate chance to win and establish himself as a major winner and thus cement a roster spot. I admire Kenny Perry for his contributions to the TOUR, the game, his community, his commitment to donate a percentage of his winnings to David Lipscomb University, the fact he is a gentleman, but these decisions to avoid playing the game at the highest level, on the grandest of stages, detract from his accomplishments on Tour in my mind. Players on Tour should always play the Majors unless medically unable to do so, but to avoid them for what is a second tier tournament just isnt what a top player should do. Put yourself out there. Play the worlds Open. Play against the rest of the world.
The Comebacker
The Ryder Cup is, to Perry, a major. He has been consistent all year in his desire to play for Americas golf team. Says here theres nothing wrong with that.
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