Tiger Golfs Einstein


Tiger continues to be the hottest topic in golf and the challenge continues to be finding new analyses that help explain his dominance.
The simple reason for his dominance is, of course, that he plays better, thinks better and works harder than any other player in the world. But there are more esoteric explanations, too.
Without further ado:
Kriss writes: Lets try another take on the Tiger machine. For years its been Tigers swing changes, Tigers inconceivable putting skills, short game, stingers, even the twirl-and-kick after a satisfactory shot. Well, heres my take: Tiger plays the numbers and angles. He has always said he likes math. Guess what: Hes always reading arcs and angles and curves and geometry. If we could see inside his brain, Ill bet wed see physics, architecture and telemetry. He doesnt just read breaks; he reads geometric planes. And thanks to his math skills, were getting really good at addition'62 and counting!
The Comebacker Well done. This is a take The Comebacker hasnt heard before. And he has heard a lot of takes on Tiger in the last 10 years. By the way, if The Comebacker could see inside Tigers brain, The Comebacker would look for Tigers ATM PIN number. For that would make The Comebacker a rich man.

Shannon writes: As I sit here in Baghdad so far from home and any golf courses, Tiger Woods brought a smile to every one of us that were glued to the television set. He could win the Grand Slam this year!....Thanks for taking care of those who are doing the nations business abroad and away from our families and friends.
The Comebacker It is us who thank you.


Emil writes: About Dubai.I wonder why I havent heard you or any of the other experts suggest that Els could have wedged to the 18th green in three and had a 15-foot-or-less putt to tie Woods..seems much smarter to me.
The Comebacker Maybe he was trying to make three and beat Tiger. Ever think about that?

Paul writes: I am constantly amused by the bravado exhibited by those not named Tiger Woods. I am talking about all those who have, very openly, aired their intent to challenge Tiger for the No. 1 spot..Scary to think how hard he (Woods) would push if there was a solidified No. 2 nipping at his heels. So, drop the bravado, get to work and let your game do the talking for you.
The Comebacker Letting your clubs do the talking is never a bad idea, unless you are playing bridge.

Gary writes: Would you like to work online from Home/Temporarily and get paid weekly? We are glad to offer you a job position at out company
The Comebacker Knock it off, pal. Ever heard of the SPAM police?


Irene writes: Why do commentators insist on saying off of instead of just off or from?
The Comebacker Because the commentators guilty of this grammatical faux-pas were absent from school the day the teacher taught the rest of us that one preposition is better than two. And remember, no ending a sentence with a preposition either. The erudite Bobby Jones said Nicklaus played a game with which I am not familiar not which I am not familiar with.
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