Tiger Talk Always a Lightning Rod


Tiger Woods and The Masters, it turns out, are two of the most prolific lightning rods in golf. Two days ago I wrote a column (Read Monday's Column) that basically said Tiger is going to have a tougher time winning his next 10 majors than he did winning his first nine.
The response from readers was alternately supportive, disagreeable, and downright toxic. Woods, Chris DiMarco and yours truly were attacked and praised at great length. The E-mails continue to pour in.
Here are a few samples of the printable ones:
.Thanks for getting it right..Tiger didnt really win this thing as much as Chris DiMarco couldnt close it out..(Tiger) has lost his most potent weapon'an aura of invincibility..
Hi Brian, I like your wit and candor, BUT I think Tiger is about to leap way ahead of everyone AGAIN..another RUN is about to happen.
.How about his (Woods) slow play Sunday on the greens - by design of course, to throw a wrench in Chriss works..In 10 years of watching him (Woods) play, not one time did he ever play a round without audible profanity or childlike behavior..Do you want your future children to act like that.
.When will you give Tiger the respect you give Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus?
.I think you had better rethink what you wrote. Chris DiMarco CHOKED.
.Im amazed that everyone is suddenly assuming that Tiger will resume his dominance because he won Sunday.
.Keep writing and using the dictionary at its best'thats definitely your Major!
.Hats off to Chris DiMarco and to the press that are beginning to recognize that there are some other cats out there.
.Take away the Happy Gilmore shot (Woods chip on 16) and Tiger lost.
.This was Tigers most impressive win.
.The obvious thing is that Tiger is no longer dominant and hasnt been for two years.
.Tiger is great precious, not just for the U.S. but for the whole wide world.
.True champions are always chased. Tiger will go down as the greatest of his time.
.Tiger and Chris put on a great show. My problem is where were the rest of the gang. I believe they knew they were doomed.
.Its really simple, all Tiger has to do, since the rest of his game is so solid, is hit quality tee shots, and then no one can beat him. Case closed!
.Tiger may have made everyone else raise their bar but I have the feeling everyone else will also raise Tigers level. Thats scary isnt it?
.Tigers invincibility factor has been totally eroded.
.I wonder if your article will hold truth if Tiger Woods starts showing up with his A game. He has won three times this year, which now includes the Masters, without it.
.Brian, I agree with everything you said, and my response isArent we the lucky ones! We will continue to see present and future golf played at such incredible levels of excellence because Tiger has set the bar so much higher for himself and all who want to challenge him.
.I realize that Tigers guesses are probably better than a lot of golfers facts, but without the chip shot, Gods gentle nod on the 16th, DiMarco fills out the Green Jacket.
.Chris DiMarcos stock split yesterday.His time will come sooner than later!
.Nuts! I believe that Tiger backed down to Els, Singh and Phils level, now he is going back to his level and they will be eating dust again.
.And there is no way Tiger could have ever handled Jack.
Yo, readers. Keep your thoughts coming.
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