Tiger Talks About The Knee


The key question all along, as it relates to Tiger Woods post-Masters knee surgery and the state of his recovery going forward for the rest of his career, is this:
Will Woods left knee need periodic clean-ups to keep the health of the knee maintained? Or is this'the third operation on the knee'a sign that a deterioration has set in and that we cant predict how the knee will hold up as Woods advances into his 30s?
For the first time since the surgery in early April, Woods answered the big question this week. Sort of.
I said after the first surgery I probably wouldnt have another one, Woods said. Then after the second one, I said I wouldnt have another one. Now here I am having three. It is what it is. Its the nature of playing sports.
Sounds like Woods is resigned to more surgical procedures. And it already has been suggested that he will have to alter his rigorous training regimen to accommodate the knees need for less stress.
Annika Sorenstams orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Bruce Thomas, said he couldnt and wouldnt hazard a guess unless he was actually in the operating room. And Woods own doctors have kept most of the details private.
But Thomas did say the key was whether or not the three surgeries took place on the same part of the left knee. If they were in different areas of the knee, he said, the chances for Woods knee to regain and retain its normal strength are much greater.

Speaking of recoveries, the planting date for the new greens at East Lake in Atlanta is set for two weeks from today. You may remember last year how badly stressed the greens there were when the players arrived for the TOUR Championship.
East Lake superintendent Ralph Kepple says, barring 'cloudy lousy' summer weather, the new mini-verde greens should be perfect by the time the players get there in late September for the FedExCup finale. Meanwhile East Lake will remain closed until then.
Mini verde is the same strain of Bermuda grass that was used to transform the putting surfaces at the Stadium course at TPC Sawgrass, home of THE PLAYERS.
'I definitely don't anticipate anybody shooting 60 this year,' Kepple said, referring to Zach Johnson's eye-popping third round score last year.

Woods says he and caddie Steve Williams have grown closer as their professional relationship has continued. Often its the other way around for players and caddies.
I think we have very similar personalities, Woods said. Stevie is very competitive, very feisty and he always wants to win. People have gotten a glimpse of that, not only from caddying for me, but also all the dirt track racing he does back in New Zealand in his off weeks.
Were very truthful, very honest, very up front, and whatever is on our minds, we say it. Weve become like brothers, really. We can have the player-caddie relationship, we can switch it around in an instant and be great friends, and then have more of a brotherly relationship, and then switch right back to the player-caddie, all in a few minutes.
And that takes time, and thats happened over I think like 10 years now weve been together. That takes time to develop that, but I think over that time, I built just an inordinate amount of respect and trust for Stevie, not only what hes done for me on the golf course, but also off the golf course as well.

When Ben Curtis 3-putted the 12th green last Friday at THE PLAYERS it was his first 3-jack in 374 holes. That was the longest streak on TOUR this year.

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