Tiger Woods Watch Intensifies


The Comebacker is cooking with gas this week, mostly about the wild atmosphere that surrounds the 16th hole at the TPC Scottsdale.
Without further ado:
Randy writes: The 16th at the FBR is the reason purists are shunning the FBR tournament. The Thunderbirds have totally ruined a fine golf event and equally great golf venue. Take it from someone who has lived in the Valley for 21 years and have attended the tournament faithfully until a few years ago when I and many of my friends said enough. First of all most of the drunks at 16 wouldnt know a birdie from a used car. The entire atmosphere is more akin to the state fair than golf. ...The FBR has become a joke in town. And forget all those hyped up attendance figures they tout every Saturday and Sunday. Ask them sometime how they come up with that then have a laugh. It is a fraud..
The Comebacker
To repeat the words of Rocco Mediate: If you dont like it, dont come.

Tom writes: You mentioned the story about Tiger (Woods) only coming to Scottsdale once since the gun in the fanny pack incident. What you may not know, or may have forgotten, is that last appearance was marred by a high school kid trying to bean him with an orange after being dared by his friend. That was also the year (Mark) Calcavecchia went nuts and set a scoring record or two. ... How about an article calling out Tiger for his lack of variation in his scheduling? In my opinion, he should try to show hes the best by adding in some of the scoring records to go along with the majors and the Vardons. Hes never shot a 59; I think he ought to play the easy courses and strive for the first official 58. He should be shooting for a 36-hole score of 21 under or a 54-hole score of 30 under. Do something to show hes the best other than just being the most consistent on tough courses.
The Comebacker
Yeah, really. What has Tiger ever done for golf?

Michael writes: I am a long-time golfer who was not alone in noticing that Pat Perez should have been given a two-shot penalty on hole 15 (Sunday). While in the deep rough (greenside), Perez grounded his club two or three times and the ball noticeably moved every time. Go back and look at it on video. The part that burns me the most is, there is no way Perez himself wouldn't have noticed it. Although he won by three shots, that would have considerably turned the tide, even putting him behind by one. I'm sure he wouldn't have been so calm/cool after that. Please respond.
The Comebacker
PGA Tour officials examined tape of the shot in question and determined there was no violation.

Bill writes: Add me to the list of real golfers who are tired of (Boo) Weekly and his ignorance, (John) Daly and his drunken waste of talent, and (Michelle) Wie and her act. I used to be a regular fan of the Golf Channel, but the incessant fawning over these idiots causes me to tune out every time you and the other announcers spout off. Criticize me as being from the country club set, but at least the real golfers I know have also gotten tired of the trend that is promoted by the Golf Channel.
The Comebacker
Wow. Where did all this anger come from in a year that hasnt even spawned a good, juicy golf controversy yet?

John writes: I have to disagree that you are a news organization, first. Your coverage of Michelle Wie over the past five years has bordered on fawning, with nary a critical word. For a young woman who has won exactly one USGA tournament (and not a single LPGA tourney), you have devoted an incredible amount of hype to her, rather than an honest assessment of her performance on the golf course (or lack thereof). If she competes successfully on the LPGA (after earning her way on) ' great. She is to be congratulated. If not, then I hope you will accurately reflect that, also.
The Comebacker
Michelle Wie has taken many hits at GolfChannel.com. Any hype, by the way, whether it come from Golf Channel or anywhere else, is more justified now than it ever was before with Annika Sorenstam in retirement and the LPGA struggling to hold on to its sponsors. If you dont think the powers-that-be in Daytona Beach werent overjoyed at Wies recent successful trip to LPGA Q-School, you dont get it.
Dorothy writes: I too am tired of the Boo Weekley show. It is more embarrassing than entertaining. Why the press thought his antics at the Ryder Cup was noteworthy, I am at a loss to understand. You have had more than your 15 minutes of fame Boo, lets move on and play golf.
The Comebacker
The Comebacker continues to be miffed by this ongoing antipathy towards Boo Weekley. Wake up, people. Hes a character. And hes genuine. So what if its possible that he cant name the five Great Lakes. This is golf, not Jeopardy.
Sam writes: Although I'm a keen fan of the Golf Channel and look forward to enjoying the season on my new large screen HDTV, I must say GC's coverage of the Hope has been really disappointing. I accept the premise of the Hope to incorporate amateurs, and (Nick) Faldo's analysis of some of their swings was instructive for us amateur viewers who commit the same sins. But to showcase the amateurs and dwell on who's attending whose soire that evening leaves your audience way behind. When you showed some celebrity narrowly missing a putt and then broke away to some other celebrity's tee shot just as Brad Faxon was preparing his putt, I threw in the towel. I'm curious, is the Hope format a vestige of what pro golf used to be? It strikes me that the whole concept is an anachronism. PS: It is sobering to see what these guys can do when roughs, green speeds and pin placements are comparable to what we amateurs face every weekend. My occasional sub-par rounds look a lot less like tickets to the tour now.
The Comebacker
Me? I just miss George Lopez; although, Im happy to see Arnold Palmer anytime anyplace. As to the conditions: Its also sobering to see what a gusting wind can do to anybodys golf game, even the best players in the world. Kind of makes what Padraig Harrington did at Royal Birkdale last year even more impressive, no?
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