Too Much or Too Little Tiger


The Comebacker is all about ' no surprise ' Tiger Woods. But were going to drill down here a little bit this week. Were going to pit the e-mailers who think were way over the top with our praise of Tiger against those who have decided The Comebacker is anti-Tiger.
Well sprinkle a little Phil in, too, for the Leftyphobes.
Without further ado:
Bill writes: Whom may I ask, is this man called Tiger?
The Comebacker
Pretty existential there, Bill. But, yes, you may ask. And I will tell you that he is a man with a pretty good past and a pretty good future.
Mike writes: Talk about Barack Obama all you want, but the REAL Messiah is returning.
The Comebacker
To a lot of people Tiger Woods is a religion and the golf course is his house of worship. Theres a story going around that when he announced he would play at the match play, business at driving ranges all over America skyrocketed.
Dorothy writes: To hear all the to-do, one would think its the second coming. Please people: this is only a golfer, albeit one who plays the game exceptionally well, not a savior or anything like that. I believe that position has already been taken. Get a grip. No wonder Tiger Woods is so insufferable.
The Comebacker
Lets see if Ive got this straight now: Tiger Woods IS a Messiah but he is NOT a savior.

Petuniaes writes: I can now return to watching again. I tried to watch during his (Tigers) absence, but it was soooo boring. My golf juices are flowing again.
The Comebacker
You missed a pretty good Ryder Cup.

Sam writes: At least watching golf was enjoyable for 253 days. Now I'll have to quit watching again. No more watching golf or the Golf Channel for me unless he breaks another leg. I'm sooooooooooo sick of hearing about Woods and Wie.
The Comebacker
Ouch, a back door shot at Michelle Wie And Im just going to remind you people once: The word so has just one o in it.
Connie writes: Is anyone playing this tournament besides Tiger Woods? If there are others playing, I, for one, would like to see them. At least that way I would know for sure he is not playing alone.
The Comebacker
What? The return, after eight months, of arguably the greatest player who ever lived didnt whet your appetite?
Betty writes: With 64 players in the tournament, why is all the news 99.9 percent Tiger? Should this be changed to Tiger's exhibition? The critics ask why high profile golfers do not play more events. Your program takes out all competition. Give all golfers equal billing. I do enjoy golf. Tiger seemingly is a nice person; however, did you ever feel as if you were being gagged or choked on one player?
The Comebacker
No, never.

Fitz writes: I don't know why you hate so much, (Yes I do) but if you think that you can beat him, then pick up your clubs and stop the hate.
The Comebacker So Im guessing that Fitz thinks I hate Tiger because I cant beat him at golf. Of course I cant beat him at golf. If I could, Id be a billionaire. But I dont hold that against Tiger. I hold it against the fates who decided I would never be the best player who ever lived.
Roy writes: I am as glad as anyone to see Tiger back in action against the best players in the world. But changing the site of this world class event is not working at all for me. A little boring watching another desert tournament, even if it is a whopping 7,800 yards and designed by Jack (Nicklaus). This event deserves a much more recognizable site. Here's a thought ...why not hold this in Europe where an Open or even a Ryder Cup was held?
The Comebacker
The answer is easy: American television. Thats where the big dollars come from and the bosses would never tolerate the time difference. Thats the reality and its not a harsh one. As far as the new course being boring: Give it a chance.
Bill writes: Thanks Brain, for letting us know there are other matches besides Tiger.
The Comebacker
People misspell The Comebackers first name like that all the time. I call it a Freudian typo.
Bob writes: Hello to everybody. I guess I am the one who has to say it: the sun does not rise and set on Tiger Woods.
The Comebacker
Others have said it. But many believe it does.

William writes: Why is he such an exception. The caddie bib is standard for all tour caddies, but Steve (Williams) did not wear his for the practice round and removes his walking up 18 every time Tiger plays. The sponsor pays dearly for those pictures with their name on display and Steve must think he is an exception. Hardly. Hes just a guy with an overstuffed ego.
The Comebacker:
Sponsors are not to be messed with in this economic climate. Neither are fans.

Mark writes: Tiger? Who's that guy? I didn't see him play in the FedEx Cup or the Ryder Cup last year are we sure this guy is worthy of such high expectations this week?
The Comebacker
Are we not sure?

Boris writes: I disagree with your contention that Phil (Mickelson) has been the only rival of Tiger. When was the last time Mickelson was No. 1 in the world? I thought that Vijay Singh was the last person to be No. 1 in the world before Tiger, and didn't he just win the second FedEx Cup?
The Comebacker
Reasonable points. Vijay is not a match for Phil in the talent department. Phil is not a match for Vijay in the work ethic department. Combine Phils and Vijays strengths and you might have a clone who could challenge Woods. Maybe some of this debate, by the way, is why Phil and Vijay dont particularly care for each other.
Peter writes: Phil Mickelson is the most fun to watch golfer on the PGA Tour, but I must agree with some of the readers that (Dave) Pelz and Butch (Harmon) are bad for Phil, especially Pelz, you can't make putting into a science, just look at the two greatest golfer in the game Tiger and Nicklaus, when under pressure it's their mind that takes over.
The Comebacker
Bit of a run-on sentence there, Pete. But youre spot on about the strength of the minds of Jack and Tiger.
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