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36th Ryder Cup MatchesThe American Way when it comes to the Ryder Cup is officially broken. The Europeans have beaten the U.S. in five of the last six renewals. And the 18 to 9 point total each of the last two times out has been downright embarrassing.
With that in mind, here are 10 solutions, some of them more serious than others, that might help the lads from the left side of the pond:
1. Give Tom Lehman another chance. Not to question the effort of the American players, but if they had played half as well in Ireland as Lehman captained, the final score would have been much closer.
2. Give Lehman another chance. He would probably politely decline. He would probably like to get his life back. But he earned another shot if he wants it.
3. Give the American captain three wild card picks instead of two. And dont force him to reveal his third pick until the week before the matches. Can you say Sean Micheel? Can you say Steve Stricker?
4. Make the Ryder Cup, at least the ones held in the States, more like American Tour events. Maybe our players would feel more relaxed and at home. There are a lot of ways to implement this. Give members of the American team automatic invites to the Mercedes Championships in Kapalua. Have a Pro-Am on Tuesday and a shootout on Wednesday. Stage the dinners at Outback. Let the players go to baseball games at night at the nearest big or minor league stadium.
5. Let Tiger Woods play fourballs by himself.
6. Dont allow Michael Jordan anywhere near the proceedings. Great guy. Big distraction.
7. Spread the matches over four days and play them at a TPC venue.
8. Abolish the uniforms. Keep the flags.
9. Call it the Greater Microsoft Ryder Cup Championship Presented By Intel. (Like I said, our guys will feel much more comfortable if this thing has the smell of a regular Tour event.)
10. Make the Europeans bring their own food. (Like I said II: some of these are more important than others.)
The key ingredient in all of this is change. Its why I wouldnt have minded at all if Lehman had been a playing captain.
The Europeans, right now, have figured the Ryder Cup out and the Americans have lost their way.
Something must change. The more radical the idea, right now, the better.
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