What Was Ian Thinking


First there was Stephen Ames. Then there was Rory Sabbatini. Next came Jason Day. And now we have Ian Poulter. Being 'The Comebacker' has a dirty job. But somebodys got to do it.
The four aforementioned players make The Comebackers job easier because they provide Tiger Woods with bulletin board material
You dont tug on Supermans cape.
If you do, be prepared to be looking the business end of a 10-and-8 match play drubbing the next time you catch Tiger at the WGC Match Play or the Ryder or Presidents Cup.
Without further ado,
Doug writes: Ian Poulter, age 32, same as Tiger, #22 in the world versus Tiger runaway #1 with seven victories and no majors against Tigers 62 TOUR victories including 13 majors, the only one who can take him onHasnt Ian heard about the TOURs new drug policy? What has he been SMOKING? Confidence is good, and you have to believe you can compete in order to do so, but verbalizing fantasy is either insanity or bragging, neither of which is good. Silence is golden: Do it first, THEN talk about it.
The Comebacker Or be like Bill Belichick: Do it first. And then DONT talk about it.

James writes: I watch basketball to see great plays and great shots. I watch golf for the great shots period. Tiger can be 20 ahead and I will still watch. Tiger can be losing by 20 and I would still watch. Simply because he plays to win even when there is not a chance. And there are still great shots there. I believe a lot of viewers are missing the point when watching Tiger. Too bad.
The Comebacker Some of Michael Jordans most amazing plays on the basketball court came when the outcomes of games had long since been determined. The greatest of the great ones have that dont-you-dare-take-your-eyes-off-me quality about their games.
Bill writes: John Daly, the Britney Spears of golf. Although I never liked the singer I did like the golfer, even after I read his first book. What is he smoking?.oh..a lot of cigarettes, not that theres anything wrong with that..what? Come on, John. I want to say sink or swim but Im afraid swimming probably isnt one of your strong suits. I have followed JD throughout his career and have been an avid fan but at a certain point one has to ask, why? Is he ever going to be the player he used to be? Yeah, Im still a fan, his next win will just be all the more meaningful..if and when.
The Comebacker Geez, another whats he smoking? e-mail. Sadly, it looks to me like if JD doesnt listen up at Butch Harmons place, he may have nowhere else to turn with the remains of his career.
Peter writes: Youre clearly the most articulate golf announcer in the game. Please advise your colleagues that a player who is two strokes off the lead is not within two strokes of the leader. He/she is two strokes behind. To be within two strokes, theyd have to be one stroke behind.
The Comebacker If THE COMEBACKER really was the most articulate why would I need Peters advice on what and what not to advise my colleagues on. The most articulate golf announcer in the game, by the way, is no longer alive. His name was Henry Longhurst.
Mike writes: I was thoroughly gratified to see Arnold Palmers interview regarding Tiger Woods breaking his record. The Rorys, Montys and Dalys could learn a lot just seeing a true champion and gentleman present his views with honesty, clarity and dignity.
The Comebacker The truth shall set you free, Mike. (And by the way, he hasnt broken Palmers mark for wins. Theyre tied at 62.)
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