What Will Tigers Tracks Look Like


How interesting when Tiger Woods said this week: I think pretty much everything has been written about me.
Woods was referring specifically to how people respect his privacy more now that he has been in the public eye for 10 years and how that familiarity has bred comfort.
But everything hasnt been written about Woods. Recently we learned Woods is going to design a golf course in the Middle East. How, I wondered, would that affect his time management and his ability to play golf at its highest level?
And what, I wondered, would be the characteristics of a Tiger Woods golf design?
So I asked Tiger Woods the first question and Davis Love the second one.
People think, yeah, youve got to design nine or 10 courses a year, Woods replied. Im only entering one right now. You take it one at a time. Ill do this one and see how it goes.
And then if its something I can feel I can handle more (I will). If I cant, if I can only do one, then one it is. But the main thing is to do it with the same passion, same intensity as I do anything else. Thats just kind of how I am. But if I cant give it my all, theres really no sense in doing it.
In other words, dont expect Tiger Woods to sacrifice his golf game for his interest in design. But dont expect him to mail it in on the design front either.
Love, a maturing golf course designer in his right, smiled when I asked him to predict the idiosyncrasies of a Tiger Woods design.
It's going to be interesting to see where Tiger goes and what he likes, Love said. We see what Jack (Nicklaus) likes and we see what Arnie (Arnold Palmer) likes and what (Tom) Weiskopf likes, so it's going to be interesting to see what actually it is Tiger likes and see if some of these tournaments get him to build them a golf course like that and see who will come play it.
My wife and I went to the Phillips Art Gallery in Washington and we walked around. And I keep using this analogy: We all can go to an art gallery and we're all going to like something different. But if it's a classic, it's a classic no matter what.
I might like (Donald) Ross and (Seth) Raynor, someone else might like (A.W.) Tillinghast. That doesn't make any of them wrong.
If you don't like Jack's courses or Arnie's courses or Pete Dye's courses, it doesn't make them wrong.
It's going to be interesting to see what Tiger likes and what Phil (Mickelson) likes, and we know what (Ben) Crenshaw likes. I followed him around like a puppy dog. I want to learn what he's figured out because he's got it figured out.
We'll basically see what those guys do. The opportunity for us is they're looking for market. Phil Mickelson is going to be a huge name, Tiger Woods is going to be a huge name wherever he goes.
I think that (name value) gives a guy like Jack Nicklaus an opportunity to go out and be creative. Obviously Jack and Arnie have been very successful. Their courses don't look anything alike.
Bottom line?
You get the sense Woods golf courses will be big on variety. They will be heavily influenced by his experience with links golf in Europe. And they will be sited only on special pieces of land.
Id like to see Woods and Nicklaus collaborate in a sylvan setting'Nicklaus Woods?
And Id be surprised if Woods and Nike dont collaborate one day on a golf course. I wouldnt be surprised if the 18th hole was a dogleg in the shape of, yes, a swoosh.
The possibilities, really, are endless.
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