Yule Want to Read This


Emptying the reporters notebook before I empty the coal out of my stocking:
I get a lot of E-mails from people who strongly voice their disapproval of Tiger Woods strongly-worded epithets that often get picked up live by on-course microphones.
Heres my take:
I wince every time Tiger mutters (or shouts) an obscenity in front of so many people'at the event and/or watching on television sets.
But I do not judge. I have abused the Kings English on a golf course on more than one occasion. I would like to think if I knew so many people would be hearing me, Id cool it with the billingsgate.
Tigers defense for his habit of purpling the air is that hes competitive. Woods does so many good things and has advanced the game of golf in so many ways, the temptation is to give him a free pass.
I dont mind hearing a cuss word. Its just that I dont think parents should have to explain to their kids why the worlds best player is allowed to say things they would never let those kids say at home.
But the end is coming. Tigers occasional, and I stress the word occasional outbursts of swearing are nearing an end.
When you say?
The first time one of Tiger Woods own children asks him why he said a certain four letter word on the golf course will be the last time Woods swears. Woods has said he wants to have kids. And you get the impression it will be sooner rather than later. So maybe we wont have to wait very long.
John Daly, meanwhile, says the toughest thing about Christmas with his children is that they never like the presents he buys. They always want to take them back to the store.
JDs not alone with that problem. But hes 40 years old now and hes got other problems. His fourth wife has sued for divorce although she was following him at the Target World Challenge last week.
We love each other more than we hate each other, Daly said, adding that he thinks they can work it out.
Daly is a kind you cant help but root for despite all his human failings. He is also funny. Asked about diet and fitness in the press room, he said. I dont do yoga or yogurt.
It was the best ad lib I have heard in a long time in golf.
I just hope Daly is around another 40 years.
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